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Get the things you love —all without credit*.

Our flexible, lease-to-own solutions can help you take home a new sofa, TV, mattress, mobile phone, and more.

Turn your phone into a leasing machine.

The Acima mobile app is the best way to apply, shop, and manage your lease.

There’s no other plastic like it.

The new Acima LeasePay Card™ expands your leasing options to millions of merchants on the Mastercard® network.

Acima Leasepay Mastercard

Acima Leasing makes it possible.*

Instant Shopping Power

Acima will purchase products up to your lease line amount for lease to you.

Thousands of Choices

Use some or all of your lease line for merchandise at thousands of retailers.

The No Credit Option*

Get the things you want without using credit you may have or increasing your debt.

Easy Payment Options

Make flexible payments that are conveniently scheduled with your payday.

Couple with Acima customer representative

Flexible terms that put you in control.

Complete the Lease

After all scheduled payments have been made as detailed in your agreement, the merchandise is yours to keep.

Early Purchase Savings

You can choose to purchase your item at any point during the lease at a discount. The sooner you do so, the more you save.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you no longer want to keep an item, you have the option to return it in good condition with no further obligation.

Get the stuff you need from stores you know.

Shop thousands of online and in-store retailers for furniture, electronics, appliances, tires, and more.

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Do it all in the mobile app.

Apply, shop, and manage your lease the easy way. Scan the
QR code to download our mobile app!

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Say hello to the Acima LeasePay Card™ powered by Mastercard®

Our credit alternative makes it even easier to get the things you want.

Acima LeasePay Mastercard