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10 Ways Acima Helps Your Small Business Grow

Small businesses are the heart and soul of America. The 29.6 million small businesses in the United States account for 62 percent of net new jobs. It’s safe to say the country would be lost without all of the hard work, sacrifice, and bravery it takes to run a small business.

At Acima, we want to do everything we can to help small businesses succeed. Sometimes, it’s just one extra sale each month that means the difference between just scraping by and being able to comfortably pay the bills. We’re proud to help our merchant partners close more sales by offering their customers a No Credit Needed¹ payment option. The benefits of this service are many, but we wanted to outline the top ten ways partnering with Acima can help your small business grow.

  1. Comprehensive training: When you apply to become a merchant partner with Acima, you’ll receive a decision typically within 24 hours. Once approved, we’ll get you up to speed on our process right away (usually within a few hours) so you can start closing more sales immediately.
  2. Turn Browsers into Buyers: Our Text to Apply application, real time decisioning engine, and paperless process will instantly turn your credit denials into credit approvals.
  3. Market, Sell, Repeat: We will market your products to existing customers in order to get them back in your store. We do all this at no cost to you.
  4. Text to Apply: With Text to Apply you can empower your customers to apply from their device without tying up a sales rep or even your finance computer.
  5. Credit Reporting: Acima reports customer payments to Experian, giving your customers the opportunity to build their credit.
  6. Simple online process: We’ve all heard about financing options that include an overwhelming amount of paperwork that has to be filled out before you find out if you qualify. Acima’s web-based merchant portal makes the entire process fast and easy, which means customers will be much more eager to submit applications. More interest in our No Credit Needed payment option means more potential sales for you!
  7. Instant credit decisions: Just like we work hard to approve your merchant application quickly, we also provide instant decisions for customers interested in a No Credit Needed¹ payment option. Customers get a decision almost immediately right in your store.
  8. Convenient pre-approval process: We offer a pre-approval process on our website for customers who want to apply from their computer or smartphone before coming into your store. With this option, they’ll already know how much they have to spend (up to $5,000) which can make the sales process even easier on your end.
  9. More approvals = more customers: Acima’s No Credit Needed¹ purchase option is perfect for people with little or no credit. Our real-time analytics engine quickly identifies and approves creditworthy consumers who couldn’t qualify based on their credit scores alone. This means more potential customers for you.
  10. No Merchant Fee: Merchants get all of this at no additional cost. That’s right. There’s a 0% fee from Acima for our merchant partners.

Acima empowers consumers and merchants with No Credit Needed¹ point-of-sale leasing solutions underwritten by machine-learning technology. Merchants love expanding their business into underserved demographics at no additional cost to them, and consumers love the expanded purchasing power that Acima provides. Both customers and merchants applaud the speed, ease, and convenience of the Acima approval process. Acima is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence software and a world-class team of technologists and support staff. We’re in the business of expanding options for buyers and sellers alike.

Source: What’s New with Small Business

¹While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with a lease application.