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You're More Than A Three-Digit Credit Score

4 Credit Tips for National Credit Education Month

March is National Credit Education Month, and since we report lease activity to Experian on a monthly basis as they get the things they need or want, we wanted to drop some knowledge in the blog today.

Here are four tips you can take action on today to start improving your credit score:

1) Check Your Score (Regularly)

You can’t start building up your credit if you don’t know where you currently stand. You are allowed to request a free copy of your credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion once a year via Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and check for any errors that may be negatively impacting your score.

2) Make Your Payments on Time

This is a biggie. You absolutely must pay your bills on or before the due date. A late payment can knock a few points off your score… especially if it ends up going to collections. As if this weren’t bad enough, late payments can stay on your credit report for a while, so it’s important to avoid paying late at all costs.

3) No Credit? Find Ways to Build Your Score Wisely

No credit is often just as bad as poor credit to a lender. They have no idea how you will handle a line of credit, and that is a big question mark on your credit score. If you have little to no credit history, you can still apply for our No Credit Needed payment options (like the one offered by Acima) and make all of your payments on time. Make your payments on time and before you know it, your payments will be reported to Experian to show future lenders!

4) Bad Credit Can Be Repaired

If you’re already dealing with a low credit score because of some missteps in the past, don’t worry. You’re so much more than a three-digit score! It’s not always easy to find a bank that will issue new credit if you have a low credit score, but don’t worry; there are financing options out there for you. Look for a company that will not only help you get the money you need, but will also help you build your credit back up in the process.

Acima has partnered with a number of credit bureaus, including Experian, which means we can report your payment history directly, Giving you the opportunity to increase your chances of other future approvals. To learn more, visit our website or call us at 801.297.1982.