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5 Ways to Save Money When Appliance Shopping

Jan 20, 2022

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If you’re considering a major appliance purchase for your home, congratulations … you’re #adulting! Whether you just moved into your first place, you’re looking to replace an older appliance model, or just entertaining the idea, it’s exciting to go out there and shop for a shiny new appliance with all the latest features.

At the same time, just by the nature of its size — not only physically but financially — buying a large appliance can be overwhelming. The potential need to dole out a huge amount of credit or cash might even be enough to send you straight into stress mode. Then there’s the realization that this is an investment that you’ll (hopefully) have around for years to come — so you want to ensure you get the right appliance for your needs.

So then come the questions: Can I afford the model I want? What features do I need? What if I finally buy my appliance … and it goes on sale? That’s where we come in with some help.

Here are five key tips to maximize your savings and minimize stress so you can get your dream appliance for the best possible deal.

Pre-Shopping Pro Tip: Go In with a Plan

You know it’s always best to have a game plan when shopping for groceries, furniture pieces, or other retail items — and shopping for appliances is no different. Specifically, before you even step foot in a store or search for that retailer’s website, it’s important to go into shopping mode with a clear sense of 1) what styles and features you’re considering in your appliance and 2) how much money you are willing (or able) to spend.

Why is a plan important? It’s so you don’t get hung up on the glam of certain higher-end appliances. Sure, some frills may be essential for your lifestyle, but remember: The greater the size, the more features, and the more sophisticated technology an appliance has, the higher the price will be.

It’s better to shop for function and err on being practical and realistic. Choosing wisely — sticking to shopping for only what you need and have budgeted for — will help you find the right appliance at the right price.

Clean Up at Annual Holiday Sales Events 

Luckily for shoppers, appliances tend to go on sale several times a year. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you see a national holiday on the horizon, chances are good that you’ll find a big appliance sale. You can almost always find appliance retailers offering their best deals during holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and New Year’s Day (among others).

If you know you are about due for a new appliance (or you’re looking to upgrade), but you aren’t in a rush, consider waiting for one of these sales events to come around. Biding your time this way versus compulsively purchasing is a great strategy to maximize savings and walk away with appliances at great discounts.

Hint: Presidents Day sales are coming up in February — so if you’re reading this, stay patient and score big savings next month. In the meantime, do your homework and compare prices at multiple retailers for the appliance you’re after. Then when the sales hit, you’ll know the best deal when you see it.

When Possible, Bundle and Save

Even if you’re only looking to upgrade one appliance, chances are you have other appliances in need of upgrading (especially if you purchased them all simultaneously).

Understandably, you may be hesitant to consider buying more than one. Well, don’t count it out completely! Looking for a bundle (or package deal) of appliances could be a smart move for you.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept: Instead of selling many appliances individually, many retailers will bundle related appliance products into a single set and then sell that set for less than what you’d pay for each appliance separately. That’s a win-win for both the seller and you — the seller sells more products than they otherwise might, you get more appliances for your money. In addition, the appliances in the bundle will match in style and aesthetic, making your inner interior designer happy.

Choose Reliable Appliance Brands

On the one hand, you should shop for reliable, quality appliance brands. On the other, that plan may seem counterintuitive to saving money since quality products often cost more — and besides, who has upfront cash for a big appliance just lying around? While that may be true, appliances aren’t where you want to settle for low price over quality.

Time to change the conversation in your head and think of your appliance purchase as an investment rather than stressing about the initial expense. Because more often than not, settling for a cheaper product will be even more expensive since you’re likely to have more maintenance and repair costs down the line. When you pay for reliability, you’re investing in longevity. In other words, since quality appliances tend to last longer and require minimal maintenance costs, you’ll save money in the long run.

Get Loads of Shopping Power from Acima

Here’s your final pro shopping tip to help you avoid the appliance sticker shock you may experience: Make use of Acima’s no-credit option. With it, you can get what you want through a lease-purchase agreement* that allows you to shop at the qualifying retailer of your choice and to choose a payment option that fits squarely into your budget.

That means more shopping power, so it’s easier to shop with name-brand appliance retailers for those higher-quality options. It’s the smart, financially savvy option for getting exactly what you need.  

When shopping for appliances, don’t let the intimidation of credit or cash outlay stop you from getting the products you need. Instead, let Acima help you get that new appliance from your favorite in-store or online retailers without using credit.*