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7 Affordable Ways to Create the Outdoor Oasis of Your Dreams

Mar 08, 2021

An outdoor patio furniture set is surrounded by plants and trees.

Everyone loves patio weather, so make sure you’re ready to enjoy it on yours! As the temperature rises, the flowers bloom, the sun shines and we spend more time outside, the best way to enjoy it all is from the comfort of your backyard oasis. If your outdoor space isn’t quite up to snuff yet, it’s time to bring your vision of a springtime outdoor oasis to life.

Creating an outdoor sanctuary is truly the best way to take advantage of all that spring (and eventually summer) has to offer. And it won’t take you all season long. With these clever tips inspired by the season’s latest trends, you can easily and affordably turn your tired yard into a patio paradise.

1.     Maintain a Design Theme from the Indoors Out

Think of your patio as an outdoor extension of your home, and consider furniture and design elements that align with your home’s interior. If your design style is modern and sleek, consider outdoor furniture that conveys the same style with symmetrical, clean lines. Got more of a rustic farmhouse feel going on? Consider furniture that carries over that same style.

No matter how big or small the space, you can find beautiful furniture that’s functional, inspiring, relaxing and complementary to your home’s current style.

2.     Add a Fun Focal Point

Whether it’s a fire pit, small dining table, rug, conversation area or other design element, you’ll want to designate a focal point and use it as the centerpiece of your backyard living area. To save some money, consider repurposing items from inside your house (if they are built to sustain outdoor elements). Not only will they be beautiful to look at, but they will also add an element of activity for family and guests.

Focal points like these are also great long-term investments because you’ll use and love them for years to come.

3.     Create Privacy for Peace of Mind

The best backyard spaces are the ones that make you feel like you’re on vacation. Nothing takes you out of that peaceful mindset faster than prying neighbors or the ability to be spotted by passersby. 

When creating an outdoor sanctuary, add elements into your landscape that will provide a sense of enclosure and eliminate exposure. A solid fence, trees, bushes, flowers or other landscaping will go a long way in creating privacy and peace of mind, so you can really relax. 

4.     Consider Creating Shady Spots

Of course, part of being in nature outside is feeling the sun’s warm rays shining down so calming in and of itself. However, relief from the sun when it gets a little too hot for your liking (or skin safety) is crucial.

As it starts to heat up in the spring and summer months, you’ll want to have some shady spots where you can read a book, take a nap or enjoy a meal outside. Whether it’s designing a patio around a mature tree or shopping for umbrellas or awnings, even those who love the sun and heat will appreciate an occasional respite from it.

5.     Be Ready for the Rain

In many areas, it rains quite a bit in the spring (you know what they say about April showers). It’s good for your garden and potted plants, but not so much for your grill, your patio furniture or your outdoor fun.

You don’t have to let the rain dampen your spirits when you’ve got an awning (some offer a retractable option), a gazebo or other outdoor structure to cover your patio and block out the elements. This kind of protection can also add a huge layer of luxury and beauty to your outdoor oasis. Bonus: you’d be adding that all-important shade.

6.     Light It Up

When the sun goes down, it’s going to be important to have nice outdoor lighting if you don’t want the party to end. Whether it’s draping fun, twinkly string lights all over your backyard, installing porch lights or decorating with outdoor lamps and lanterns, backyard lighting creates amazing ambiance in addition to necessary illumination. If you have the space, don’t forget to add lighting for walkways, steps and stairs to ensure safety.

7.     Go for a Pool or Hot Tub

You don’t need a pool or hot tub to complete a luxurious backyard retreat. However, it’s something to consider if you really want to go all out, so we’d be remiss to exclude them from the list. Pools are perfect for warm spring days and hot summers when you need to cool off, and hot tubs are like the cherry on top of a spa-like backyard. If budget is an issue (as it is for most people), there are also portable and above-ground options that will do the trick.

Elevate Your Backyard Area on Any Budget

Now that you’re armed with these budget-friendly design tips and tricks, you can set the staycation tone and create the springtime outdoor space of your dreams by the time the warm weather arrives. The best part is that when it comes to your furniture budget, you can relax there, too. Shop with us, and our lease-to-own options will give you a great alternative to financing the furniture you need to make it happen – all without credit*.