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8 Signs It's Time for a New Couch

Mar 28, 2023

A couple walking through a furniture store looking at a new couch that they could place in their living room.

Ahh, the couch. And we mean that literally — the couch in any living room serves as the hub for sitting down, relaxing and saying, “Ahhh.” But there comes a point in every couch’s life that you can get too comfortable with it, and so you may not notice the wear and tear it has accumulated over time. Or maybe you willingly ignore it, because new couches are an expensive investment your budget may not be ready for.  

So what exactly are the things to look out for to determine if a couch is on its last legs? Read on for the types of issues you’ll want to take note of if your couch is simply too old. And if you decide you do need a replacement, you’ll also learn how Acima Leasing can make that sofa shopping more affordable and comfortable for you. 

The Fabric Is Worn Out 

Maybe your couch has lost its bold color or you’re starting to notice seams popping up in between the cushions. Perhaps the velvety feel you first fell in love with isn’t so soft to the touch anymore. Over time, your sofa’s fabric will fade and break down due to everyday wear and tear or damage from pets or children. If you want the “new couch look” back, you’ll have to decide which option is better: paying to reupholster it or just getting a new couch altogether. 

Wear and Tear on the Legs 

If the legs are scratched up, giving into the weight of the couch or wobbly, these can be signs that the couch is, literally, on its last legs. How can you be relaxed and comfortable when you are constantly fighting that type of instability? A new couch would not only take away that problem, but it would give you back your peace of mind. 

The Cushions Are Sagging 

Ever feel like you’re sinking into your sofa cushions to the point you feel stuck? Over time, sofa seats will naturally sag to the point of becoming uncomfortable; this is because the springs in a couch can wear out and cause the cushions to lose their original structure. Without this support, sitting on the sofa becomes an unpleasant experience, even to the point of causing neck or back pain. There are a few temporary fixes you can try, but ultimately it is better to replace the couch completely.  

Lack of Stability  

As with wobbly legs, the degenerating foundation of a couch (with or without legs) can determine if it is time to go sofa shopping. Wobbling, creaking or even tilting to one side that may be sat on more than the other are sure signs of an overall lack of stability.   

Whether or not this problem is visible to the eye, it’s the physical issues that are more cause for concern. Instability in a couch means it could soon break or fall — causing a danger to pets, children, older folks and yourself. At that point, repairs may cost more than simply replacing it with a new, safer sofa.  

Too Small or Too Big 

Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with the couch structurally or even style-wise, but rather a very common problem: the size of the couch you bought simply isn’t right for your space. Whether it’s because you didn’t take measurements of the sofa area before shopping, you measured incorrectly or you decided after the fact that you want more (or less) seating, the size of a couch can become a nagging issue if you’re not happy with it.  

In cases like this, try rearranging the couch (and other furniture as needed) to see if it fits better in another part of the room or at another angle. Or, try some other solutions to provide extra seating. If these or other tricks don’t help, it might be a sign to just bite the bullet and find a new couch. 

No Longer Comfy 

Addressing many of the detailed issues above can help you determine the root cause of the wear to your couch. But, that’s not to say that those issues need to exist before you determine your sofa no longer serves you. Sometimes, for one reason or another, a couch simply becomes uncomfortable to you.   

Maybe you can’t figure out why or can’t see any visible, physical changes to the couch. However, maybe you do notice that your back hurts when you sit there for too long or you’re constantly readjusting to get comfortable. It may even have gotten to the point where you find yourself not wanting to sit on the couch at all. If these issues persist, then it’s time to say hello to a new couch you will want to enjoy.  

Stains or Odors 

If you’re a parent or pet owner, you know exactly what we’re talking about — the effort to keep stains and odors off of furniture is a constant battle. Even if you have neither, generally over time stains nor odors will most likely appear (because, life).   

It goes without saying that large stains are unsightly — and fabric is especially good at grabbing a hold of spills and odors. Even those cleaned up immediately can linger, which will eventually keep you from sitting on and enjoying something you paid good money for. All these are indications it may be time to replace the fabric of the couch, and possibly even replace the whole couch if the stains and odors have permeated the cushions or the couch frame itself.  

You Just Can’t Salvage the Couch 

Many of the issues discussed above are fixable; depending on your DIY skills and knowledge of your furniture, you could end up restoring your couch and extending its life for a few more years. But, sometimes, there is simply nothing more that can be done — and the benefits of a new couch (as expensive as it might be) will outweigh continuous efforts to salvage the one you have.  

And while obtaining a new piece of furniture is always exciting, wondering how to pay for a possibly unexpected purchase like this can be stressful. Relax, we got you …  

Acima: Comfortable Sofa-Shopping Power  

Once you decide to pull the trigger on getting a new couch, you then have a whole host of other decisions to make. Where do you shop? How much is this going to cost? How am I going to pay for it? With Acima Leasing, these questions can be answered easily and your couch shopping can be made simpler.  

With access to name-brand retailers there are several styles and types of couches for you to choose from, Acima Leasing provides lease-to-own solutions that allow you to take home the couch you want while making payments over time without using credit*. Our flexible payment plans let you pay based on your income schedule or pay it off early at a discount. When it comes to affording the brand-new couch you really want, it’s time to learn how Acima Leasing can really help take a load off your mind.