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A Tour of the Acima MarketPlace™

Sep 21, 2021

Online Shopping Cart

Earlier this month we launched the Acima MarketPlace™, our proprietary online shopping platform, and the response from consumers has been tremendous. Over 10,000 people have applied for a lease-to-own account with Acima and started using it to shop with the many retailers across our partner network. We believe the Acima MarketPlace will transform the e-commerce industry by breaking down the long-standing transaction barriers for cash and credit constrained consumers. And it could not be easier to use.

The Acima MarketPlace, whether a consumer accesses it via the Acima Mobile Application or via the Chrome web browser coupled with the Acima Browser Extension, provides the most flexible leasing experience and never forces a consumer to bounce among multiple websites, fill out complicated forms, or endure long application review times. 

The homepage presents the consumer with the option to search for a wide range of products by category and individual retailers.

The experience of searching the Best Buy site, selecting an Apple MacBook Air, and adding it to the shopping cart is exactly the same as the consumer who does not go through the Acima MarketPlace with one exception: the option to choose the Acima Checkout button displayed prominently in the checkout section.

Selecting Acima Checkout brings up a pop-up window that enables the user to make the purchase with the Acima LeasePay Card™.

Acima purchases the laptop from the retailer and then leases it to the user with a lease-to-own agreement with Acima. That’s it! The transaction is complete and Best Buy promptly ships the laptop directly to the customer.

The Acima MarketPlace also makes it quick and easy to apply for a lease agreement without leaving the retailer’s e-commerce portal.

Acima continues to add retailers to the Marketplace. Stay up to date on all available merchants on the Acima MarketPlace homepage.