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Acima & 1stMILE: Turning Credit Denials Into Approvals

Listen up, automotive merchants! The leading payment management platform you already know and love now features No Credit Needed financing through Acima Credit. We’ve recently partnered with 1stMILE, a trusted name in automotive revenue growth and financial functions, to offer even more to your customers.

What does this mean for you?

Your shop can now process fleet cards, PLCs, high-ticket financing, and provide No Credit Needed funding to your customers — all inside of a single, easy-to-use portal. You don’t have to learn any new technology; Acima is already part of 1stMILE’s payment platform, which recommends the No Credit Needed option to capture the majority of customers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify.

The truth is, 50% of applications for private label cards are declined. Offering No Credit Needed financing through Acima means you can approve more of these customers, adding an average of $5,000 worth of additional revenue to your shop per month. Not only that, the average ticket size doubles with Acima’s No Credit Needed financing.

What does this mean for your customers?

Before Acima’s No Credit Needed payment option was available, your customers were forced to choose between safety and having money to pay their bills. So, they settled for a less expensive product or skipped a recommended repair, which often meant they were sacrificing their safety. Not anymore. Your customers can feel safe on the road and have more peace of mind knowing their car has been serviced properly.

“The integration of 1stMILE with Acima has been phenomenal,” said Jason Burt of Burt Brothers Tire. “It gets us more work orders. It gets us higher ticket totals. It gets us all the things that pump our business. From an owner’s perspective, it’s something every [tire] company should have.”

Do you want to learn more about combining the power of 1stMILE and Acima Credit to get more (and larger) tickets for your automotive business? Fill our our merchant application to start a free membership with Acima, or if you have any questions, you can reach our merchant support team at 801.297.1984 or email us at