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Affordable Electric Grills for Summer BBQs

Jul 05, 2021

A man grilling chicken on an electric grill

Attention, Grill Masters: It’s “go” time. From burgers to barbecue, summer is your time to get out there and grill up your specialties for your family and friends to enjoy. But for those who live in a place that doesn’t allow the use of charcoal or gas grills — or maybe you don’t have a ton of backyard space — what’s a grilling guru like you to do?

You don’t have to sit it out this season. The electric grill is gaining popularity outdoors (as well as indoors) because it allows you to grill up your faves without having to rely on charcoal or gas. Never heard of them or don’t even know where to begin shopping for one? We’ll show you why an electric grill is something you soon won’t want to live without, where to get one fast and how Acima can make it affordable.

What’s Your Electric Grill Type?

You're certainly not alone if you’re not familiar with the electric grill. And if you think we’re referring to a simple tabletop model (although that is an option), guess again. If you are serious about your grilling, you’ll be happy to find grills that look and function just like the gas or charcoal grill you love — electric grills are powered differently to give you that flexibility to grill what you want, where you want.

There are a few different types of electric grills available; your choice may depend on where you want to use it, how often you intend to use it, your budget, your basic aesthetic preference and your access to an electrical outlet. The most common options include: 

·   Freestanding Electric Grill: It looks and performs like a standard gas grill but is generally smaller and lighter to accommodate tighter spaces.

·   Built-in Electric Grill: This one has a higher price tag, but perfect for those trying to create a permanent outdoor kitchen for their backyard oasis. You can also find kitchen ranges with a built-in grill component — perfect for grilling year-round!

·   Portable or Tabletop Electric Grill: The most versatile option, as well as the most affordable. Not only will it fit in smaller spaces or tabletops, but it’s perfect for apartment dwellers and taking it on the go (camping, tailgating, etc.). If you want the option of grilling indoors, make sure the portable grill you buy is constructed to do so safely.

Size: A Key Grill Ingredient

Just as there are different types of grills, as mentioned above, there are also different sizes in each category, depending on how many people you typically grill for. It also boils down to how much room you have for the grill itself, so it’s always smart to take measurements of your space before you go shopping.

Go for a grill around 26 inches wide or less for smaller grilling spaces (perfect for a tabletop or counter) or if you cook for a small household. Have a bit more area to work with? Go with a medium grill, usually between 27 and 33 inches wide (about the size of your average stand-alone gas grill).

For those with the extra space and unlimited passion for all things barbecue, check out the larger electric grills at around 43 inches wide — that translates to enough space to grill 30 burgers or more!

Quality, Class, and Features: What Sparks Your Interest?

Do you find yourself asking if electric grills are any good? Ultimately, the type of grill you need will depend on your preference and how many people you’re grilling for. Even so, today’s electric grills have quality class differentiators that run the gamut from economy grade with more basic features to premium or even luxury-class models.

When you’re evaluating your options (quality, performance, extra nice-to-haves, etc.), here are a few things to consider: 

·   What materials go into the grill’s construction? You’ll want to ensure your electric grill is made of quality metal materials like commercial-grade stainless steel to withstand repeat use and harsh demands, as opposed to painted steel exteriors that can quickly corrode. 

·   What grilling features are included to enhance your experience? As with most grills and appliances, manufacturers are finding more and more ways to integrate top-of-the-line features. The double-lined hood, removable parts that make for easy cleanup, digital controls, and advanced settings are just a few extras you’ll find that will help you make the most of your grill skills.

·   Your outdoor and grilling lifestyle. If you grills out once in a while, a more basic version might be just the thing for you. If you are more serious and love all of the bells and whistles that make your grilling a masterpiece, you’ll want to look into the models that hold up longer and can stand up to the challenge.

Don’t Let the Price Tag Scorch Your Grill-Shopping Plans

When choosing the right electric grill, only you know what will work best for you, your grilling needs, your space, and your budget. However, the price tag doesn’t have to be the deciding factor between an OK grill or one that checks every box in your Grill Master playbook. At the same time, you should never dip into credit or pay more than you can afford.

The answer: Find stores where Acima is accepted to get the grill you want, all without credit*. The Acima “shop now, pay later” approach means you never need to grab your credit card or worry about getting over your head. You can get the grill you need today, then make flexible lease renewal payments conveniently scheduled with your payday. So when you’re ready to shop, try the no credit option* to traditional financing that helps you keep summer grilling — and your finances — in great shape.