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Badcock Home Furniture of South Florida – A True Example of Growing Together

Most companies don’t last 10 years, let alone 100. However, Badcock Home Furniture &more was founded in 1904 and is still going strong today. In fact, the company has more than 300 stores in eight states.

Established in 1951, the South Florida branch is an independently operated company that shares the Badcock trademark and operates 11 stores in Miami-Dade, Brown and Palm Beach counties. They offer Acima’s no credit needed option in all 11 locations because it fits well into the company’s business strategy, said Al Guerrazi, Vice President of Retail Operations. He appreciates how the company has been able to thrive while at the same time offering easy purchase options for all customers, including for those who have no credit history or less-than-perfect credit.

Credit scores and incomes in South Florida vary widely. There are wealthy retirees and middle- to high-income families, but there are also lots of students, young adults, and low-income residents with substantially fewer financial resources. “Our customers know that we don’t have a minimum credit score and that we don’t deny leasing….” based on a customer’s credit score. Al Guerrazzi said.

Could the secret to Badcock’s long success lie in their willingness to grow alongside their customers? Guerrazzi said his customers appreciate the fact that Acima reports payments to credit reporting agency Experian, which helps people with no credit history or poor credit by providing an opportunity to make timely payments which will then be reported to credit bureaus. He said his stores’ leases have grown by a whopping 174 percent in the past year!

We love that we’re helping an established home furnishing brand continue to grow, even after decades and decades of being in business. It just shows that when you meet your customers where they’re at and help them get what they need, you’ll grow stronger together.

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