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Big O Tires Is Big On Benefits

If you live in the Phoenix area, chances are you or someone you know has been to Big O Tires. They’re so popular and well-respected, and we are honored to be able to partner with them to get their customers what they need on a daily basis. Ray Puente is the owner of five Big O Tires locations in and around Phoenix and he is the man you need to see if you need tires, wheels, or maintenance on your vehicle.

According to Ray, many of his customers could (and do) qualify for traditional financing, but they choose not to go this route. Instead, they prefer to use the No Credit Needed¹ payment option offered by Acima to lease their purchase.

He said many people opt for this lease-to-own option because they’re in the midst of another big purchase — building a new house, for example — and they don’t want to add to their credit card balances or open a new credit account. It’s an important consideration because these alternate leasing options have the potential of affecting the mortgage rates they qualify for.

At Big O Tires, Ray and his team approve an average of 8-10 Acima leases each day! These leases average about $700, which is money he wouldn’t otherwise be able to count on if they weren’t offering this payment option.

It’s not only a benefit for the company, but it is also great for customers. Think about it… most people don’t visit a place like Big O Tires unless they really need something. For better or worse, most of us don’t do as much preventative maintenance on our vehicles as we should and by the time we walk into a tire shop, we are in desperate need of a service or repair.

Being able to work with Ray and other companies like Big O Tires as they help their customers get what they need without stress or worry is why we come to work each day. We love being able to help people get what they need instantly, and giving them 12 months to pay for it (regardless of their credit score) just makes sense to us. To read the full case study about Big O Tires, including more quotes from Ray about how the people of Phoenix have benefited from our partnership, click here.



¹While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with a lease application.