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Budget-Friendly Home Improvements for Summer

May 03, 2021

An older couple grilling on their patio outdoors

While most people would probably love nothing more than to hop on a flight to the nearest beach and get away from it all, chances are many people are still putting travel on hold and planning to spend most of the summer at home. But even if you’re not getting away for a resort vacation, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a few home improvements to create that same relaxing space for yourself right at home.

With this how-to on creating the perfect, effective and — the best part — budget-friendly summer space, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep the vacay vibe going indoors and out. Just follow these decorating ideas and get ready to chill.

Let’s Talk Interior

If you’ve ever been to a vacation resort, you know one of the best parts of your arrival is the first impression they welcome you with: their interior’s feeling of peace, serenity and luxury. You can achieve that same resort-like feel in your house by applying these ideas:

Bring in Organic Elements

Nothing breathes instant Zen and life (literally!) into your home like filling the house with greenery. Bringing the outdoors in is also one of the easiest, most versatile and inexpensive ways to turn your space into a bonafide retreat. Bonus: plants set the stage for instant relaxation, because they’re known to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Seasonal, freshly bloomed flowers add instant beauty to the living room, kitchen or your favorite room. Succulents in a variety of sizes are not only easy to put on a tabletop, shelf or mantle, they’re hardy and low maintenance. A lush indoor tree or organic-looking house plants add pops of color as well as much-needed calming energy. Continue the organic aesthetic by using woven baskets as planters.  

Hotel-Quality Bedding and Textures

We’re not sure what it is about a night’s sleep in a really good hotel room, but it’s magical. Maybe it’s the oh-so-soft sheets. The overstuffed sink-into-slumber pillows. The fluffy bathrobe waiting to wrap you up in luxury. The good news is, you can easily invoke that same feeling in your own bedroom, no reservations required.

Start by shopping for white bedding, light and airy sheets, and linen textures in neutral hues. A lightweight, plump duvet brings the comfort to the next level. Add a soft blanket for afternoon naps. And don’t forget about those pillows! Items like these will instantly brighten your space, give your room a sophisticated air, elevate your morning wake-ups and help you set the serene scene for a great night’s sleep.

Spa-Like Serenity

By adding a few simple details, you can turn your bathroom into a spot for all the relaxation and rejuvenation you could ever want. Aim for a clean, fresh and minimalist aesthetic while incorporating softness and spa-like accessories.

Upgrade your bath towels, robe and bathmat to ones that offer a plush, luxurious feel. Gather moisturizers, bath salts, body scrubs, loofahs and other spa accessories, and display them in a fun, organized way. Light a tropically fragrant candle. Open the windows and let the light in. If you really want to go all out, consider painting the walls with calming colors and upgrading your showerhead to complete the transformation.

Kitchen Accents

This is where foodies can have the most fun this summer by creating the recipes, cocktails and desserts they’ve always wanted while indulging in a fresh new space. What’s more, when you love how your kitchen looks and how it makes you feel, you might discover you love being it in that much more any time of year.

One simple way to make enhancements is to upgrade an outdated appliance or two. They can bring a new level of sleek design to your space and make you feel like you’ve created a new, freshly renovated place to hang out with the family and make their favorite meals. Check out our article on today’s top must-have kitchen appliances to get inspired and see what the latest appliances have to offer!

Now for the Exterior

Of course, a big part of summertime activities for most people is being outdoors enjoying nature, the sunshine and warm temperatures. Creating a DIY outdoor oasis with new furniture and accessories was definitely a popular endeavor last summer, and with people still staying close to home, the trend is sure to continue. Here are some ideas for creating that luxurious outdoor space.

Dining Al Fresco

If you don’t grill and enjoy dinner out on the patio, why not? Even on a regular weeknight, there’s no easier way to conjure up that feeling of getting away from the norm by enjoying the outdoors. A dining table with plenty of seating and an umbrella for shade is always a plus for the patio. And whether you prefer charcoal grills, gas grills or smokers, there are so many options available to satisfy your inner grill master.

Comfy Lounge Chairs

For those days you want to bask under the sun and lay out or read a good book, comfortable lounge chairs are the way to go. Sure, foldout lounge chairs will do the trick, but to create that resort-like atmosphere, invest in solid stretchout chaise lounges that are made from natural materials like wicker or bamboo. Add thick cushions and outdoor pillows, and you won’t want to go back inside all day.

You can even play up different seating elements by bringing in fun accents like a hammock or hanging rattan chair. And don’t forget that patio umbrella, pergola or other type of shading, as well as a firepit to gather around at night. Shop all of your outdoor furniture options in the latest styles with our retailer partners today.


The right kind of lighting can help you create the perfect patio ambiance. Twinkling string lights, lanterns, fixtures and candles can all help to achieve a cozy, intimate outdoor space. If mosquitos turn into unwelcome guests, tiki torches with citronella double as both effective repellant and festive mood-setters.

And there’s more where that came from. Check out this article for even more ideas to complete your personal oasis.

Shop Now & Pay Later for Your Summer Home Makeover

Don’t let another warm-weather day go by without making the most of your home! With ideas like these and with easy lease-to-own* options available with Acima, we bet you’ll love creating a relaxing space to enjoy all summer and beyond. You can make it all happen without credit* and with affordable lease renewal payments that won’t stress out your budget.