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Dining Room Tables for Every Style and Budget

Aug 16, 2021

A dining room table set with dishes

A dining room is never just a dining room. It’s the one spot in the home where you’ll always find warmth and hospitality. It’s a setting that brings families together, reunites friends, allows memories to be created and countless meals to be enjoyed.

So when it comes time to buy a new dining room table, the trick is to find comfort and functionality that’s perfect for all seated around it while also playing up your preferred interior style.

If it sounds like a delicate balancing act, you’re right. So here are some tips and tricks to include in your search to make sure the dining table you want is the perfect fit.

Find the Right Shape for Your Space

Whether you’re living in an apartment space or a house, you can find dining room tables that will fit perfectly. Size is key, of course: A 48-inch-long table is nice for four guests, while a family of eight will need a table that stretches 72 inches long or more.

Shape also plays a big factor, and luckily there are just as many dining table shapes as there are sizes. Here are a few of the more popular choices:

Round or Oval Top. If you enjoy getting close, this is your style. A round table is perfect for small dining areas, kitchen nooks or if you just enjoy intimate settings where everyone can feel connected and take part in the conversation.

Rectangular Top. In addition to being the most common shape, it’s ideal if you’re a grand host that enjoys even grander gatherings. It naturally elongates a room and allows for plenty of comfortable seating for family and/or guests. This style also allows for a “head of the table,” if you enjoy holding court during dinner parties with your family and friends.

Square Top. Looking for an in-between? Square tables are another great option with plentiful counter space that keeps the integrity of an intimate environment. Naturally, this shape is typically a go-to for those with square-shaped dining rooms.

Let’s Talk Table Style

In interior design, it’s all about creating cohesion and flow from room to room — and the dining room is no exception. So it’s important to select a dining table style that’s consistent with the rest of your home. Here are just a handful of design options to consider:

Mid Century Modern. Known for its medium natural woods and sleek table legs, this continues to be popular because it offers a look of both crisp comfort and polished elegance.

Traditional. If you’re facing a stylistic dilemma, or you aren’t even sure what your style is, go with a traditional dining room for a timeless look (often featuring dark woods and carved legs) that outlasts any trend.

Rustic Farmhouse. Denoted by its warm hues, vintage feel and country silhouette, this table style serves as a great option for dining rooms that feature natural light and open floor plans. 

Modern Minimalist. Here, the name of the game is simple and sleek. In fact, the minimalist style celebrates the “less is more” mentality. Think straight lines and bright, airy colors as you lean into this style preference.

Remember, style is all about personal preference and what makes you feel good in your space. If you’re still trying to figure out exactly which design style speaks to you, check out our breakdown of some of the most popular interior styles.

Top It Off with Flexibility and Functionality

Let’s be honest: A dining room table is rarely used solely for dining (especially this past year). Often, it becomes the hub of the home, doubling as a work-from-home desk, homework headquarters, a crafting area, the family game-night spot — you name it. Clearly, flexibility and functionality are key requirements, so look into tables that allow you to change the size for different occasions.

Most tables include a leaf or two that you can add or remove as needed to adjust the length. But for even more versatility, a convertible table is an ideal option to accommodate your task-adjustable needs. One with a folding design feature — including lifting the table for more room or folding the table in for a more connected dining space — can transition your dining room table into a multipurpose gathering spot.

Don’t Skimp on Dining Room Seating

Once you find a dining room table you love, it’s nothing without seating to accentuate it. If you buy a full dining table set with matching chairs, then you’re all set. But if you’re buying chairs separately, you’ll discover there are a bunch of seating materials, styles and shapes to choose from. Lucky for you, our name-brand retailers, such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Overstock to name a few, have plenty of options for you to shop and use the Acima lease-to-own, no credit option* to make it affordable.

Of course, you want your chairs (or benches) to be comfortable and complement your table’s style, but that shouldn’t stop you from having some fun. Clear or angular chairs are perfect for the mid-century modern-style dining table. Upholstered seating goes well in cozy, more traditional design settings. You can even mix styles by adding metallic chairs to a wooden table for a chic-farmhouse look.

Dining Room Decor Options to Explore

If selecting a particular style for your dining room proves difficult, think about how you want others to feel in your dining room and use that as inspiration for the walls and surrounding furniture pieces. Here are some additional ideas to help create a mood for your space.

Color Palette. If you’re someone who enjoys a warm and exciting environment, use warm hues to create this kind of ambience. On the other hand, for a more calming and comforting energy, pick cool tones, including a green floral print that brings forth an earthly effect.

Accessorize to Personalize. Setting a focal point on your dining room table can be a great way to add personalization. Include a fruit bowl or floral arrangement as a stunning centerpiece, or let your dinnerware, glassware and placemats show off your personality.

Wall Hangings. Artwork helps bring the whole room together. Find one oversized wall hanging or mirror as a showpiece on an accent wall. Or, show off strategically placed, framed family photos for everyone to enjoy.

Natural and Decorative Lighting. To really set a mood, consider how natural or artificial lighting will play a role; different levels of brightness or focus can contribute to a particular vibe. If you can, place your new dining table near a window and let the beautiful light in. Otherwise, choose to hang lighting overhead: From vintage to modern to downright funky, you won’t believe how far ceiling lamp and chandelier designs have come!

An Inviting Dining Space Is Always in Style

Interior design is all about personal preference, based on what makes you feel good. But in the dining room, where you’ll feed your family and entertain friends, it goes a bit beyond as a special space where they all should feel comfortable and welcome. Hopefully we’ve equipped you with some ideas as you begin your search for a new dining room table to make it happen for you.