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Dishwasher Features to Look For

Nov 30, 2021

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Shopping for the right home appliances can be a fun yet challenging task for many homeowners. Each appliance has its unique requirements, attributes and features that must be taken into consideration, and the features of a dishwasher are no exception. Here are some of the top features that you should consider as you begin your search for the right dishwasher.

Cleaning Performance

Of course, a dishwasher should do just that — thoroughly wash your dishes, removing the need to manually wash and dry dishes yourself. So it’s no surprise that one of the most important factors that determines the usability of your dishwasher is cleaning performance, and that’s what should be considered before its aesthetic. It’s also important to consider washing features such as concentrated wash sprayers or power-spraying cycles, which can increase a dishwasher’s cleaning performance.

Which performance features are most important can vary for each person. For example, if you have a large family and often cook meals at home and use many different dishes, you might look for features that help make the cleaning process easier. The cleaning performance will also determine the hygiene of your dishes.

Drying Performance

Drying efficiency is another important feature of dishwashers. It’s important to make sure that along with clean dishes, a dishwasher can provide dry dishes and alleviate the need to manually towel dry.

Most modern dishwashers use stainless steel tubs for drying purposes. Here, the moisture is removed during each cycle. Some more affordable dishwashers use a plastic tub for drying, but sometimes, they don’t heat up enough to efficiently dry the dishes. As you shop, look for models with excellent drying features and customer reviews.

Options and Cycles

These days, most dishwashers come equipped with numerous cycle options to help you achieve certain things. You can also adjust things like:

●     Cycle durations

●     Water temperature

●     Water pressure

●     Total water used

Different Types of Dishwasher Cycles

●     Normal Cycle: Highly efficient and advanced method using the stainless-steel tub. Condensation-based drying through stainless steel walls ensures that most moisture is removed in each cycle.

●     Quick Cycle: Also known as One Hour Cycle or Express Cycle. Here, high-temperature water is used in significant quantities. It allows for faster cleaning of dishes.

●     Heavy Cycle: Usually, this cycle is used where the dishes are heavily soiled. It uses very high water temperatures and has a longer washing time compared to other cycles. Some companies call it the Pots & Pan Cycle.

●     Auto Cycle: Modern dishwashers have integrated soil sensors in them. These sensors determine the best cycle speed, water usage, and temperature based on the dishes' soil.

●     Rinse: This cycle is used if there are some dishes in the cycle and the maximum capacity is not reached.

●     Energy-Saving Cycle: This cycle uses less energy than most other cycles. Here, the water temperature is lower, but the duration of the cycle is longer to ensure efficient cleaning with less energy consumption.

Different Wash Options Available in Most Dishwashers

●     High Temperature: Extra-hot washing helps to remove strong stains and kill germs. It can be used where the dishes are heavily soiled and need a deep cleaning. Also, if a family member suffers from a contagious illness, using extra-hot cleaning can remove most germs.

●     Delay: This option cleans the dishes, then you are not home. Basically, the wash cycle is delayed for the set number of hours. Therefore, the dishwasher can work in your absence.

●     Extra-Dry: Some dishwashers offer an extra-dry option as well. Here, you can get your dishes dried perfectly and use them directly after removing them from the dishwasher. Use this option if you need your dishes to be immediately available.

Smart Dishwashers

These days, retailers understand the importance of offering smart appliances, which is why many dishwasher companies now offer smart options. These smart options integrate modern, high-tech aspects from cloud computing and software services to your dishwashing machine. That means even more convenience for you! For example, some dishwashers that use smart technology can be operated from your phone, allowing you to operate them remotely.

Different Types of Interiors

The interiors of dishwashers vary based on the brand and the quality of the dishwasher you have selected. It is preferable to shop for a dishwasher with a stainless steel interior. Such dishwashers are very efficient and can offer the best results. As the name suggests, these dishwashers are much less likely to stain than other common dishwashers. They are also more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Make sure to check for the interior cleaning and maintenance features of the dishwasher as well. Certain dishwashers have automatic cleaning options that can reduce the burden on the homeowner to clean the appliance manually. Plus, different models may include fun extras like sensors that offer smart, digitally controlled performance.

Which Dishwasher Features are Most Important?

At the end of the shopping day, which features are most important depend on what you’re looking for. Therefore, the “right” choice is up to you. If after analyzing your needs, you identify that the dishwasher you want is outside of your price range, you might be feeling defeated. However, you can increase your shopping power by shopping with your favorite online retailers with Acima MarketPlace to help you get the dishwasher you need without breaking the bank or using credit.* 

Common Questions About Dishwashers:

How long should a dishwasher last?

Dishwashers typically will last  10 to 15 years. However, you should consider getting a new one if the dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes or if it has rusting parts inside.

Is it worth getting a dishwasher?

A dishwasher can be worth it depending on your situation. You will save time and effort by not having to hand-wash the dishes, and dishwashers tend to be more efficient for larger loads of dishes rather than smaller ones.