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You're More Than A Three-Digit Credit Score

Finance a Fridge with No Credit or Bad Credit?

In considering to buy that massive new fridge, or other big-ticket item, most people worry more than just whether the monster will fit through their doorway. Yes, the biggest worry tends to be money. And when it comes to paying for a new fridge, of course cash or credit are the only two options, right? Wrong!

Paying for large household items has changed with Acima Credit. It helps people rise about any financial constraints by mastering the art of smarter underwriting. This means that your customers will never be denied purchasing that refrigerator or bed—no matter what their credit score. Why? Because no one will run their credit, and they won’t be paying with a credit card!

The Acima Credit answer is to treat your customers like a VIP by setting up a series of easy payments that works for them. This is done in a four-step process:

FIRST: Ask your customer to spend a minute or two completing an online application (We’ll provide an instant approval decision.)

SECOND: Remind your customer that no credit is needed. (That’s the fun part!)

THIRD: Tell them that a $40 down payment is all they need to pay. (Really! $40 is all.)

FOURTH: If your customer pays us back within 90 days, we’ll close their account as paid in full. This is a powerful incentive that saves them money. (And it brings them back to your store!)

THEN, your customer can worry about more important things, like: Will that behemoth of a fridge actually fit through my door??