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Five Budget-Friendly Tips to Refresh Your Winter Bedroom

Jan 18, 2022

A cozy bed with a fur blanket

Winter has descended in full force — which means you may be looking for some affordable ways to make your bedroom extra cozy. You’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll give you five great budget-friendly tips to refresh your bedroom and make it feel like a true winter escape.

1. Opt for Layered Bedding

If you’re still sleeping with a light sheet like you were in the summer, it’s time to opt for layered bedding. In the dead of winter, layering your bedding and adding more covers and blankets is a must. Adding layers to your bed can help keep your sheets warmer, and it will make your space all the more cozy. Plus, interior design experts agree: Adding layered textures to your bedding helps give your space a more wintry feel. The key is to make the layers visible! Custom quilts, comforters, duvets, fleece blankets and classic flannel sheets, can elevate the look of your bedroom, while adding the feel of entering a winter hideout.

2. Don’t Get Cold Feet

Carpeting has largely fallen out of fashion these days, and many master bedrooms now come with tile or hardwood flooring. While these types of flooring are nice to have in the warmer summer months, they can make a winter bedroom feel harsh and cold. The first thing you’ll want to do is add a nice cozy area rug, or two, perhaps rugs with a thick pile that you can store in the summer months. A nice, thick faux fur rug can really contribute to your room’s winter feel. Important locations for rugs: underneath the bed to keep your feet warm when you get out of bed in the mornings, and in the bathroom to keep your feet warm after a bath or shower.

3. Go with Greenery

Florals and plants may seem counterintuitive when decorating for the icy months. But greenery and florals can elevate your space year round — and that includes the wintertime, too! Adding some fresh winter flowers to the bedside or hanging a few plants near the windows can tie your winter decor together and infuse life into your bedroom. But don’t stop there! Add big, tall plant holders and vases to further accent your room. Textures like terracotta and ceramic — in deep, bold colors — can help accentuate your winter flare and bring the corners of your room to life. Finally, branches, cedar, and evergreen can also help give off a sophisticated winter look; they’ll make you feel like you’ve arrived at a winter lodge in the mountains.

4. Add in Winter Decor and Furniture Staples

Refreshing your bedroom for the winter is a great way to put yourself in the seasonal mood. Sometimes, that can be as simple as shopping for winter decor staples. Think: custom throw pillows, white accent couches, suede or velvet benches, overhead lamps, small end tables and more! The vision is yours, and Acima partners with name-brand furniture retailers to help bring your room to life! Our retail partners have got you covered — and at affordable prices, too. It’s never been easier to turn any bedroom into a winter retreat.

5. Purge and Simplify

Winter is a great time to declutter. (Isn’t every season?) So, don’t underestimate the power of simplification. Refreshing your space can just as easily be about minimizing and curating what you keep as it is about what new seasonal items you bring in. For maximum visual effect, you’ll want to bring attention to your favorite and most beautiful winter pieces, while avoiding the clutter and disorganization that can sometimes crowd a space in the coldest months. One helpful trick: Consider setting aside a day each week to tidy things up. To help make the tidying easier, consider shopping for stylish storage pieces to place in your bedroom. Hint: we’ve got lots to choose from.

At Acima, we believe nice things should be affordable, and they can be with Acima’s flexible lease-to-own transaction*. You should be able to live in a beautiful space without falling into credit card debt. So, if you’re inspired by these winter interior decor refreshers, remember that you can shop name brand home retailers using our alternative to financing. Acima has everything you need, and at a price that works for you! And, with Acima MarketPlace, you can shop it all from the comfort of your warmer, cozier winter bedroom.