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Furniture Mecca is Changing the Game in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a challenging market for many retailers, especially those selling furniture and mattresses. Furniture Mecca, a family-owned and operated furniture company, has found a way to grow, even with these unique challenges. They opened their first store in 2002, and since then, they’ve opened six more, with another one opening soon.

Furniture Mecca offers a wide range of furniture and mattresses with immediate delivery. Aqueel Ahmed, the company’s president, understands that in order to grow and serve his customers, one of his main focuses needs to be offering credit solutions that actually help the people in his community. “All of my stores are in areas that are low-to middle-income areas and the majority of our customers have bad or no credit,” he said.

This is not surprising when you consider the fact that consumer credit card balances in Philadelphia reached a record high in 2017. The truth is, high credit card balances and poor credit scores are often correlated. This makes it difficult for the people in Ahmed’s community to get approved for credit. He knew he had to do things differently.

Ahmed began working with Acima about two years ago to help his customers get the furniture they need. He didn’t want their credit scores (or lack of credit history) to hold them back. Ahmed likes how his customers can often get approved for a higher amount than they would elsewhere. “I really like working with Acima because they are very friendly and very accessible. I can talk to the CEO if I want to. There’s a connection there I don’t have with any other company. I like companies that take care of their customers, just like I do. That’s Acima. They want us to succeed.”

He’s absolutely right about that. We love helping our merchant partners grow their business. Being able to offer a No Credit Needed lease-to-own option at the point of sale is a game-changer — not just for small business owners, but for customers, too.

If you’re a business owner who is interested in working with Acima, you can learn more on our website! To read the full case study on Furniture Mecca, click here.