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Happy Employees Make Happy Customers, Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Aug 18, 2021

Off Road Rim Financing employees standing for a group photo

Off Road Rim Financing knows the importance of offering lease-to-own options to their customers. They believe that a customer’s credit situation should not be an obstacle in acquiring tires, rims, or wheels.  Off Road Rim Financing has served the Hobart, Indiana area for 7 years and has offered Acima Leasing since 2017.  By adding the lease-to-own alternative, Acima Leasing improved the approval population by 25%, increasing opportunities for more sales volume and more happy customers. Within the four years of Off Road Rim Finance using Acima Leasing, their revenues have increased by almost 8 times. How did they do it? 

Off Road Rim Financing services and quotes about 1,500 customers per day. “A large percentage of our leads come from our social media ads we run on Facebook,” said Frank Wilson, Owner and CEO. “We promote our payment options in our ads making our customers aware of our offerings before they even start looking.” They know many consumers don’t have the discretionary income necessary for everything they want or need. By immediately letting their customers know they offer alternatives to consumer credit transactions, customers feel safe and comfortable getting what they need for their vehicle. 

Since launching the LTO program, they made sure to understand exactly what the customer was going to get with a lease from Acima. “Our rep was in our store multiple times a week for the first few months we offered Acima. We made it a priority to understand the details of the agreement and payment options our customers would have when transacting with Acima,” said Frank.  Previously, cash and credit constrained consumers have often had to do without or utilize financing options with high interest rates and punitive terms.  Acima Leasing creates greater financial inclusion for these consumers without the risks of financing. It’s important for merchants to understand the details, fine print, and verbiage of the agreement and be transparent with customers. 

In a study from Label Insight, 56% of survey participants said they would be loyal to a company if they provided transparency. Transparency isn’t just a fancy business buzzword, it’s a business imperative. Transparency builds trust and customers buy from brands that have earned their trust.  Off Road Rim Finance differentiates themselves by being transparent about their LTO program.

TIP:  The Acima field team is a great source of training but remember to utilize the Merchant Success team to ensure employees are up to date and knowledgeable about the process and agreement. 

In addition to transparency, Frank emphasizes the importance of employee appreciation and empowerment.  At a past employer, Frank had a terrible experience working in a high stress environment with little reward or recognition. When starting Off Road Rim Finance, he wanted to create a positive work environment where his employees could have fun at work. His employees have ping pong tables and basketball hoops onsite and his management team is committed to building a positive team culture. “I went through a negative work environment. When you work somewhere that’s not enjoyable, you take it home and take it out on your family.  It’s a chain reaction. It’s a never ending cycle,” said Frank. “If my employees aren’t happy, I’m not happy!” 

In a study conducted by Harris Interactive, the survey found employees who feel valued are more likely to report higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and motivation compared to those who do not feel valued by their organization. Appreciation and empowerment increase productivity and can spread positivity throughout an organization. 

Off Road Rim Financing keeps rolling through their commitment to a simple recipe – building customer trust through transparency and employee engagement through genuine appreciation.