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Home Office Design Ideas on a Budget

Jul 21, 2021

A man staring at his laptop deciding on how to budget for his home office.

If time has shown us anything, it’s that the era of working from home has officially been ushered in. So as employers start to realize this could likely be a permanent — and preferred — thing, the question becomes: Is your current home office space built to last, or are you still taking over the dining table as your workspace?

For many, the answer is the latter. By now, maybe you’ve even been able to upgrade to a nook in your home with enough space for a small desk. Either way, the time has come to commit to the idea of having a spot in your home you can, well, “officially” call your office.

Great news: It can all be done without overworking your budget. Here are some ideas to help bring it all to life more affordably.

Your Office Space Doesn’t Have to Be an Office …

We aren’t saying you even need to dedicate an entire room for an office. If that’s not an option, just consider finding or repurposing a space where you’ll be able to do your best work — away from the main house traffic flow, barking dogs, playing kids, midday-smoothie-making husband and other disruptions.

Maybe for you, that could end up being a desk against the wall of your bedroom, an unused corner of the house or a converted-closet-turned-office. You’ll spend hours working from the place you choose, so just make sure it’s a place where you’ll be comfortable and can stay focused. For more inspiration, let these clever small-desk space ideas spark your ingenuity.

… But Functional Desk Space Is Still Key

While we all like nice, pretty, shiny things, let’s not forget that functionality is Rule Number One. The space you choose as an office needs to work with you and allow you to be your most productive self. So before you go shopping for that beautiful desk, make sure it works the way you do and that you consider how much space, shelving, storage and privacy you’ll need.

The challenge is that there are hundreds of desk styles and designs out there, and no two are exactly the same. Need a place to start your search? Check out this article detailing today’s hottest computer desk: the standing desk. Once you weigh your options between a standing and traditional desk(1), Acima can help you work your choice into your budget — just start by finding a retailer near you that offers our lease-purchase options.

Invest in a Proper, Ergonomic Office Chair

As with your desk, consider function over design and aesthetics here. You most likely spend hours sitting at your desk, so having a quality chair that’s comfortable and supports your body correctly is a must. Invest in a truly ergonomic chair if possible, especially if you already have (or are prone to) back and neck issues – but keep in mind that these chairs can be on the pricey side.

All that said, you should be able to find something within your budget that fits your style more than the standard workplace chair. However, do your research and try them in person out if possible (just as you would shop for any other piece of furniture). Options bound from fabric to leather upholstery, from headrests and armrests to your preferences for adjusting the seat and backrest.

Create a Vibe That Inspires

Let’s face it: sometimes there are hot deadlines and tough projects that will keep you in your office for most of the day (and maybe into the night). At the very least, create a vibe that will inspire you to keep going and be your best self. That will look different for everyone, but here are a few places to start:

  • Consider your wall color. You may not be aware of how much color subconsciously affects your mindset and productivity. Also, when do you ever get to paint your own walls in a regular office? Probably never, so now’s your chance! Maybe you’re more creative when surrounded in pops of brightness. On the other hand, maybe you find you’re more focused with a more neutral shade. It’s time to lean into a hue that will inspire you, and we’ve got some tips to help you find it.

  • Shop furniture pieces that complement your home’s overall aesthetics, and play it up! After all, an office is another room (or space) in your home, and interior design consistency is key to creating a unified look and feel throughout.

  • Make your home office fun! You’ll love your space that much more when you’re able to put your little signature touches in it, so accessorize with your favorite pieces. You don’t have to go overboard (remember, function first), but a few inspired office decor ideas like books, plants, wall hangings and paintings will make your space more inviting.

Set Up Your Home Office Space Effectively

Regardless of how big or small your office area is, there are always clever tricks and hacks you can apply to make the space feel bigger (2). Adding little DIY touches to give yourself more storage and other usable office space without necessarily taking up space is fun, affordable and completely doable in a short amount of time.

For example: Instead of investing in lots of extra filing cabinets and drawers that sit next to your desk, why not make use of the vertical space above your desk? Adding shelving on the wall will not only help keep your floor space clear and utilize a space normally used for decorative wall hangings (if at all), but it will help draw the eye upward and elongate the room.

Let Acima’s Lease-to-Own Options Go to Work for You

Like the saying goes: Work smarter, not harder. With Acima, the same can be true for how you get the furnishings and other things you need to pull your new office space together. Take advantage of Acima’s lease-to-own*, no credit option* to get all the things on your list. You can shop now with us at one of our over 15,000 retailer locations and choose a payment option that fits into your budget. So you can get to work setting up your new, functional home office without adding the hassles of interest, late fees and a possible hit to your wallet.


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