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How Do Bluetooth® Speakers Work?

Dec 14, 2021

A Bluetooth speaker sitting on a table next to a phone

Bluetooth speakers are a great way of listening to music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop without any hassle. Just plug them in, connect the Bluetooth signal and you're good to go. They offer a lot of versatility because they can work with any device that supports Bluetooth. With Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy your music in any room that you want, freeing yourself from the constraints of keeping your device in one place.

But how do these speakers work? The basic idea is that they use low-energy Bluetooth signals to transmit sound. The signal is picked up by the speaker and turned into sound waves through an amplifier. A Bluetooth speaker is what you might call a “dumb device.” That is, it has no “brain” of its own. It doesn't have any way to change the sound, equalize the music or even choose how loudly it plays. Instead, these things are determined by the device — whether it’s a laptop, a phone, desktop computer, etc. — that communicates with the Bluetooth speakers.

How to Set Up a Bluetooth Speaker

Setting up a Bluetooth speaker only takes a few minutes and the process to connect a device and speaker is similar across devices. Here are the basic steps that you should follow.

1. Turn on your speaker and place it where you want it.

2. When using an audio device that has Bluetooth capabilities, open up the device’s settings and turn on the Bluetooth feature of that particular device.

3. Click "Add New Device" on your speaker, and follow the instructions to add it.

4. On your device, scan for available devices and select your speaker from the list that pops up.

5. Enjoy!

How to Use a Bluetooth Speaker with Other Devices, Like Televisions and Laptops

If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can use it to listen to your music with any device that has Bluetooth capability. You can also use your Bluetooth speaker in tandem with other devices, like televisions or laptops. There are a few ways that this function can be accessed. If you're using an app on your phone or tablet to connect the two devices, the pairing process is similar to how you would set up a new device with your computer. Just follow the prompts and information on the screen, and you’ll get there!

Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality and Other Concerns

The advanced technology behind the Bluetooth speaker guarantees that you'll have a high-quality listening experience. What's more, because these speakers work wirelessly, you don't need to worry about ugly chords or tangled wires, which can affect how the sound is processed. There may, however, be some concerns about how Bluetooth will affect your battery life, how much data is transmitted between devices, and how these speakers compare to other speakers on the market. Nevertheless, this type of speaker has plenty of benefits to make up for its few downsides.

Cost of Bluetooth Speakers

The price of a Bluetooth speaker will depend on how powerful the speaker is, and how it’s powered. More expensive models will generally have a higher quality sound and be able to transmit more data at once. Depending on the speaker, you could spend anywhere from $20 to $700.

Bluetooth Speaker Pros and Cons


Bluetooth speakers have a couple of really great benefits for listeners. One great aspect is that you can enjoy your music wherever you are, as opposed to hearing it as background noise coming from the next room. This is because Bluetooth speakers transmit sound wirelessly — so there are no cables or cords. Another benefit is how easy they are to set up. When you get a new speaker, you'll only need a few quick minutes before you're listening to music on a completely wireless system!


A downside to these speakers is how much battery life they can use, depending on how often the speaker is used and how high-powered the connected device is. There may also be concerns about how much data is transferred between devices, and how the quality of the sound compares to traditional speakers on the market.

Where Can I Get a Bluetooth Speaker?

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Common Questions About Bluetooth Speakers:

How long is the range of a Bluetooth speaker?

The range of a Bluetooth speaker depends on how high-powered the device is, and how much interference there is in the area. Most devices will have a range of around 30 feet. But some newer models will reach all the way up to 100 feet, depending on the size and style you choose.

How can I pair two Bluetooth speakers together?

Most Bluetooth speakers will work with other devices using the same technology. To pair two devices together, just press and hold the pairing buttons on both devices until they begin to flash, then select "Add a Device" from your device's Bluetooth settings.

How much noise do these speakers make when the volume is turned up high?

Generally speaking, how much noise a Bluetooth speaker makes when the volume is turned up will depend on how powerful the speaker is and how well-equipped it is for playing loud music. More expensive speakers tend to have better sound quality regardless of how loud they’re played.