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How to Do Valentine’s Day Differently and Affordably

Feb 09, 2021

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This upcoming Valentine’s Day, let’s all step away from the boxes of chocolate and stuffed animals, shall we? Whether you’re shopping for a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, sister, bestie or yourself, it’s really easy to run into the grocery store for these kinds of gifts at the last minute. We’ve all been there.

Well, check this out: According to WalletHub’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Survey, $9.5 billion was spent getting unwanted Valentine’s Day gifts in 2019. That’s 43 million Americans who received a gift they didn’t appreciate.1 It puts the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” into perspective, doesn’t it?

At a time when every penny counts more than ever, consider thinking outside of the box of chocolates and turning Valentine’s Day on its head. This year, focus on gifting yourself with things that could be put to better use. We have a few ideas on doing just that, which will also guarantee that your sentiments and hard-earned money aren’t going to go to waste!

Embrace New Ways to Celebrate the Day

Yes, jewelry is definitely the epitome of what one might think of as the picture-perfect, quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially this year: The pandemic is still affecting how we approach holidays and special occasions. But that shouldn’t stop us from getting creative to celebrate this special moment in time, even if it’s only to treat yourself in a way that others in your life can enjoy as well.

Are you redecorating your home? Putting your money toward a new living room, dining room or bedroom set can be just the thing that along with new decorative accessories, fixtures, maybe an accent wall puts that spark back into your living space.

Is your home in need of a new kitchen appliance, like a tricked-out refrigerator or oven? Cross that item off of your kitchen bucket list, and then have a great time cooking up a romantic meal on the big day.

Does it just feel like it’s time for that new TV, laptop, game system, or anything else you’ve fallen in love with? Well go ahead and take the plunge. Why not? With most of your time spent either by yourself or with the family, you might as well take advantage of what’s out there these days to stay entertained.

Show Your Budget Some Love with Lease-to-Own

Sure, these things may seem a little unconventional, but think about it another way to show love is setting yourself and your family up for financial success. One way to do that is by getting those big-ticket items in a way that keeps you on track to your goals.

Lease-to-own* might just be the perfect pick for you. With Acima you can be set up with a leasing option in just minutes, so you just shop for what you want and choose a payment option that easily fits into your budget, all without credit*.

So while you shop, consider using a lease-to-own option from Acima as an alternative to financing. From furniture to appliances to electronics to automotive to computers .... the list of things we’ve got you covered off for this Valentine’s keeps on growing, since our lease-purchase program is available at over 15,000 retailers around the country with many likely to be your favorite place to shop already.

Still Want the Sparkle? We Got You.

If you really can’t stop thinking about that special piece of Valentine’s Day jewelry, you’re in luck you can find Acima at local and national jewelry stores as well. So you can still get your bling-bling without all of the upfront ca-ching ca-ching, because it’s really as simple as finding a payment schedule that works for you, then making those small lease renewal payments over time until you own it.

Whatever you decide to treat yourself with during Valentine’s Day or for any occasion throughout the year, the peace of mind of shopping responsibly like taking advantage of lease-to-own is something that lasts longer than any gift.


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