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You're More Than A Three-Digit Credit Score

How We Help You Attract and Capture New and Repeat Customers

Many of our merchants come to us initially because of the No Credit Needed payment option we can provide to their customers. While that’s a huge part of what we do, it’s definitely not the only thing we do for our merchant partners. We know that as a small business owner, getting people to come through your doors (or come back again down the road) means everything.

Your business survives or dies based on your volume of customers. You could offer the best leasing option in the world (and if you work with us, you already do) but if you can’t attract customers, it won’t matter one bit.

Here’s how Acima can help you attract and capture new and repeat customers:

Increase Traffic – We create and execute targeted co-op marketing campaigns that drive customers to your store who need a no-credit option. We offer a “Find a Store” option on our website so people who are interested in making a purchase can get approved online and come in and shop with you!

Turn Browsers Into Buyers – Our real-time analytics engine quickly identifies and approves creditworthy consumers who couldn’t qualify based on their credit scores. Customers are able to submit applications online, by mobile or any handheld device. This fast, convenient process allows people to make a purchase immediately and take their items home that same day.

Market, Sell, Repeat – Once customers have paid off a lease, we’ll re-market to them – on your behalf – to bring them back into your store to make another purchase. Our Open-to-Buy initiative allows customers to apply for a second lease using the unused amount from their previous approval, giving them an incentive to come back and shop again!

Want to learn more about becoming a merchant partner? Visit our website or give us a call at 801.297.1984. Our team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.