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It’s a Great Time to Take a Fresh Look at Your Finances

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your finances! Here are some steps you can take that may have a big impact on your finances throughout 2018 and beyond:

Set a financial resolution (or two!). The start of the new year is in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set a financial resolution to tackle for the rest of the year. Research shows that we are more likely to achieve personal finance-related resolutions than those involving fitness and health, and the more specific the goal, the better!

Go Green. Some simple changes, like energy-efficient appliances or new windows can translate into big savings on your energy costs. Here is a helpful guide from Energy Star if you’re in the market to upgrade. Don’t forget to do a bit of research to see if you are eligible for any rebates or incentives from your utility company for switching to more energy-efficient products or appliances.

Save on recurring expenses. It’s a great time to examine your regular expenses like your phone, cable and utilities. Are you paying for any features you aren’t using? Could you go with a less expensive plan? Do you really need that land line? Call your service providers and see if they have any cheaper options, promotions or ideas to help you save money.

Get an insurance checkup. Schedule a time to meet with your insurance agent to see if you are taking advantage of all available discounts. Ask if you have the right type of coverage for you and your family. Can you save money by bundling insurance policies or having your auto and homeowners policies with the same company?

Put your savings on autopilot. Think about automatically diverting a set amount of money from your paycheck into a savings account. Most employers offer this option, and it’s a great way to save painlessly. Even if it’s just $5 per paycheck to start, it’s a great way to build up that ever-important emergency fund.

Pay down your credit cards. Research shows that many of us, including a lot of high-income families throughout the United States, carry a large credit card debt month-to-month. Make a plan to pay down credit card debt, with the ultimate goal of paying the cards off. When you carry a balance, you end up paying quite a bit of interest, which is money that could be better used somewhere else.

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