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Making 2021 the Most Financially Inclusive Holiday Season Yet

Dec 16, 2021

Young woman holding card while shopping on laptop

The holiday shopping season is here. A recent report from Deloitte forecasts holiday e-commerce and retail sales to increase up to 15% this year. But that’s only half the story: there’s a generation-sized market of consumers—the unbanked and underbanked—that have long been excluded from getting the durable goods they want and need, not only during the holiday season, but on an everyday basis. 

Acima’s mission is to provide millions of underserved Americans with the ability to acquire consumer and durable goods through flexible lease to own transactions.  A growing segment of consumers are excluded from common shopping experiences due to cash and credit constraints imposed by consumer financing options. Connecting this consumer segment to retailers, who are facing a myriad of challenges too, is especially important during the holiday season. 

With the Acima Ecosystem that includes the Acima Mobile App, Marketplace, Browser Extension, and LeasePay Card, merchants will be able to serve an entirely new segment of customers, and these traditionally underserved consumers will have new opportunities through flexible ways of shopping and acquiring products. Acima wants to ensure everyone is included this holiday season!

Giving consumers more choices frees them to shop how and when they want, including on their mobile devices, online, and in stores. And, Acima customers can shop with retailers whether or not they are part of the Acima host retailer network. Acima is dedicated to eliminating the misperceptions of cash and credit constrained consumers by providing dignified shopping experiences, and creating customer journeys with visibility and access to greater selection, more flexible terms, and long-term value.

Financial inclusion should be top of mind for every retailer this holiday shopping season and beyond. With the right LTO technology, consumers can shop with dignity and with the brands they trust.

At Acima we’re proud to help bridge the financial inclusion gap by providing more shopping power to millions of Americans. We’re privileged to play a part in the important mission to break down the transactional barriers between merchants and cash and credit constrained consumers.