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Offering In-House Customer Leasing Without the Headaches

As a merchant, you probably get customers who come in all the time and are just browsing or planning future purchases. When you are able to offer in-house customer leasing, it can create an easy way for them to take their purchase home that same day, which boosts your sales, improves loyalty, and builds repeat customers.

How In-House Customer Leasing Works

Customer leasing helps potential customers make a purchase by allowing them to enroll in a monthly payment plan. Having this option available in-house means you can keep customers in your store and give them an easy, seamless experience instead of sending them to a bank or having them come back with pre-approval from an outside financing company. It’s easier for everyone!

There are four simple steps to help a customer get qualified for our No Credit Needed payment option:

1. Educate customers about available lease-to-own options: Using our branded signage and brochures, you can let customers know how No Credit Needed leasing works. Let them know about our 90-Day Early Purchase Option (3 months in CA), tailored payment schedules, and our early payoff incentives.

2. Help them apply while they’re in your store: Even though the customer doesn’t apply through you directly, you can show them how to use their smartphone to apply and get an instant decision. If they’re approved, they’ll know exactly how much they’ve been approved for and the terms.

3. Close the sale: Now that the customer has the lease available to make their desired purchase, help them through the sales process, being sure to answer any questions they have along the way.

4. They take their purchase home and make payments to us: Once the customer leaves your store with their purchase, there’s nothing else you have to worry about. The customer makes payments to Acima, and if they have any questions about the terms of their lease, our customer service team will provide support.

With Acima, your customers can get approved for up to $5,000 to spend in your store. Acima’s web-based merchant portal makes the entire process fast and easy. The best part? Once customers have paid off a lease, we’ll re-market to them – on your behalf – to bring them back into your store to make another purchase! Learn more about working with Acima by visiting our website.