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The Benefits of an Apple TV®

Dec 17, 2021

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Apple TV is a digital media player and home entertainment system developed by Apple Inc. In essence, it’s a small device that connects to your TV and allows you to watch internet content on your television. It also has apps that allow you to stream live TV programs, movies, shows and music. You can also play your favorite video games on your TV through Apple’s AirPlay®. Apple TV also allows users to rent, buy and watch movies through their iTunes® service.

What Are the Advantages of an Apple TV?

Apple products are known for their high-quality hardware and software, their convenience, their security features and their user-experience design philosophy. All of these factors are considered within the framework of a reasonable price point, which makes Apple one of the most trusted brands in consumer electronics today. Apple prides itself on the security and simplicity that Apple TV provides.

The hardware and software for the Apple TV device are both high quality and easy to use. Furthermore, the user interface is very simple and streamlined, making it easy for anyone to use. The security features of the Apple TV are also quite robust.

Apple TV Features

Applications: Streaming Services

Apple TV has over 15,500 apps available for download1 directly to your Apple TV. Apple's App Store® is filled with games and entertainment apps that are perfect for all ages. The store also has educational and business-related applications that will help you get things done in your free time or at work. You can save your favorite applications and games on Apple's iCloud® service for easier access later down the line.

Available in HD and 4K Formats

Apple TV is available in HD, as well as 4K formats for even sharper picture quality. With regards to streaming, Apple TV gives you the best of both worlds. The system offers higher quality HD content at 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K resolutions — in addition to lower-quality videos with Apple's AirPlay service. Apple TV also provides access to live TV programs that can be streamed through your Apple device with Apple AirPlay.

Apple AirPlay

Apple AirPlay allows you to stream content from your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.) directly to another device through Airplay. This allows you to watch sports or your favorite shows on your TV without having to have a smart TV component.


Gaming is available through the Apple AirPlay feature, which allows players to project their game onto the screen of your TV set. Apple TV has a wide variety of games available through the Apple Arcade game subscription app, including exciting titles from some of the best developers in gaming. Apple also allows you to download and play free games on the Apple device while also giving you the chance to buy new releases at competitive prices.

Customized Experience

Apple TV allows you to customize your viewing experience. The system provides options for subtitles, audio tracks in different languages and closed captioning — all based on your preference or comfort level.

Control Features — Smart Home

Apple TV also allows you to control your home automation features — such as lights and thermostats — with Apple's HomeKit feature. In addition, the system offers a customized experience, allowing you to create shortcuts on the main menu of your Apple devices which can be used later down the line. Siri can also be used to control Apple's HomeKit, Apple TV and AirPlay features.


Apple TV is portable and can be carried from room to room. Apple also allows you to carry your Apple device with you anywhere you go, allowing you to watch your own personalized content on any compatible TV set — say, in a hotel room or at a relative’s house.

Fast Processor

With Apple TV, you don't have to worry about buffering or loading issues, thanks to Apple's A8 chip, which enables 1080p video playback on the Apple TV device. Apple's Apple TV allows you to stream all of your favorite shows without having to worry about the device buffering.

Easy Setup

Apple TV is easy to set up. The system provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect Apple TV to your smart TV using your Apple device, giving you a customized experience that's tailored to you!


With the Apple Music application, subscribers have access to over 40 million songs.

Siri Voice Commands

You can control Apple products using Siri voice commands — all without having to touch your device! Apple AirPlay allows for an enjoyable viewing experience that is simple and intuitive. Through voice command, you can easily play your favorite music and show videos with ease.

Apple TV vs. Competitors

Apple TV vs. Roku

Both Apple and Roku are great media players, but they have different features that set them apart from each other. For instance, Apple offers higher quality HD content at 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K resolutions — in addition to lower quality videos with their AirPlay service. Apple also has accessibility features that allow you to watch or listen to content without disturbing others around you. iPhone users can use their phone as a remote for Apple as well as utilize Siri for quick commands.

Roku TV is a media player that has become popular over the years. It has become so popular because it is easier to use than other players. Roku TV also provides access to more channels than any other media players. You will also find that the majority of these channels are free services.

Apple TV vs. Chromecast

Both Apple TV and Chromecast offer a great viewing experience. Apple offers iTunes content on their devices; while Google does not provide this option for its users (unless you purchase the movies and TV shows separately on Google Play). Apple also comes with a remote, and Apple device users can use their phone as a remote as well.

Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire Stick

Both Apple and Amazon offer quick access to movies, music, videos, apps and even games! Both devices offer great viewing experiences; however, Apple TV has higher quality viewing formats. Apple also offers iTunes content on Apple devices, while Amazon does not provide this option for its users (unless you purchase the movies and TV shows separately on Google Play). Apple also has accessibility features that allow you to watch or listen to content without disturbing others around you, while Amazon lacks these options.

How Can Acima Help?

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Common Questions Asked

Is Apple TV compatible with my TV?

Apple TV is compatible with any TV set that has an HDMI interface. Apple TV is cheaper than a smart TV, and it offers a better viewing experience for less money.

What’s the difference between an Apple TV and a smart tv?

Apple TVs and smart TVs are very similar and can often complete the same tasks. An Apple TV, however, is a media player that allows you to access the internet and your iTunes account. A smart TV is a TV set that has the ability to connect to the internet and run apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Can I use my phone as a remote for my Apple TV?

Yes, your phone can be used as a remote for your Apple TV. On the iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, the Apple TV remote is included with the latest version of iOS. For Android, there are many different Apple TV remote options available through the Google Play Store.

What does an Apple TV do?

An Apple TV is a media player that allows you to access the internet and your iTunes account. This device can be used to watch movies, listen to music and view pictures. In addition, the Apple TV can be used as a display for presentations or meetings.


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