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The Feeling of Giving Back

Aug 08, 2018

A group of teachers holding a large paper check

At Acima, we believe there’s nothing like the feeling of putting a little bit of good into the world. We work with small businesses to help individuals and families across the country secure the things they need to feel happy and safe. We help people on the path to accomplishing their big-picture dreams by helping them build or restore their credit.

However, some people are dealing with more urgent issues than just needing to build up credit. Did you know there are many families that are unable to pay for school lunch programs? This debt doesn’t just go away at the end of the school year, either. It follows them even after the child has graduated. In fact, it could impact their ability to secure financial aid down the road.

Upon learning about this issue, our employees felt so passionately that they pledged to pay off the outstanding lunch debts for everyone at four local elementary schools:

Granger ElementaryWest Kearns ElementaryRolling Meadows ElementaryRoosevelt Elementary

These are schools our employees have a personal connection with, either someone they know attends the school or works there. It just goes to show that the people who struggle with issues like school lunch debt are friends, neighbors, and classmates … not strangers. They’re the people we see and talk to every day.

Spencer Catten, one of our Data Services Analysts, put it perfectly when he said, “My sister is a first-grade teacher at Granger, and through her stories, I feel like I almost know some of the children that could benefit from this program — they are inquisitive and bright, and I have no doubt that they could achieve great things if given the opportunity. To help give them the chance to do so was a feeling I can’t describe.”

Thank you to all of our incredible employees who participated. After we saw the need, just in our own immediate community, it inspired us to continue paying off school lunches. Stay tuned for updates on this initiative in the future. Being able to do things like this reminds us why we come to work each day. We are passionate about helping people and about enriching the lives of our customers, our merchants, our employees … and our community.