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Three Payment Options Designed to Align with Your Unique Situation

One of the biggest reasons our customers choose Acima Credit as a payment option for their big purchase is the flexibility. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, but more than that, we understand that no one’s situation is the same every month. That’s why we let you choose your payment due date so it’s the most convenient for you.

We’re also proud to offer various purchase options to align with your unique financial situation. Let’s go over these options and the benefits that go along with each of them:

Pay Over 12 Months

With this option, you can take time to repay your account. We will spread your payments out so you can pay off the lease over a 12-month term without buyout fees or penalties. This is great for individuals or families that don’t have a lot of extra money each month but still need to make a large purchase. We love being able to give people the ability to buy what they need or want without causing them financial strain.

Pay Over 90 Days

Pay off your account within 90 days and we’ll close it for the amount leased. When all is said and done, you will have paid the purchase price for the item plus $10 to us as a processing fee. Paying just $10 for the convenience of spreading your payments out over three months rather than paying the full purchase price upfront is a pretty amazing deal. Our customers absolutely love it, and we love helping them out without having to charge them a big fee.

Early Buyout Option

Our early buyout option allows you to pay a discounted portion (usually 75% of the remaining payments owed) in one lump sum at any time after the first 90 days of the agreement. That’s right — you end up saving 25% or more on all of your outstanding payments! This is a great option for those who don’t have the full amount when they need to make the purchase but know they will within 90 days, for instance, if you’re waiting for a tax return or large paycheck.

Want to learn more about leasing a large purchase? Our convenient No Credit Needed payment option will give you the time to pay for what you buy today. Learn more by clicking here or calling us at 801.297.1982.