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Get Ready for Warmer Weather: Affordable Tire Options for Spring

Apr 10, 2024

Mechanic readies cars for spring excursions with tire changes.

As temperatures rise and the allure of the open road beckons, it’s time to ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right set of tires to keep you safe on upcoming spring adventures (and spring roads). Navigating the tire market can seem daunting for those seeking quality and shopping with various payment options. Let’s face it: Tires, while a necessity if you own a vehicle, are expensive. And it’s an expense that usually hits your budget when you least expect it (or can afford it).  

However, with the emergence of lease-to-own, reliable tires are now more accessible than ever. In this article, let’s see why considering lease-to-own as an alternative to financing for your tires could be the change you need this spring. 

Why Consider Lease-to-Own for Your Tires? 

The promise and anticipation of spring and summer road trips should start with a proactive step: Make sure your vehicle — especially your tires — are ready for the ride. So let’s be equally as proactive when you shop so your road trip plans are not overshadowed by where you’re getting your tires.  

Enter lease-to-own solutions such as those offered by Acima Leasing, which provide the opportunity for you to get safe, reliable tires and still allow you to shop at your favorite stores. With manageable lease renewal payments and the option for eventual ownership, this approach ensures you’re driving with confidence. 

The Importance of Proper Tires for Spring 

Spring brings its own set of driving challenges, from unpredictable weather to varying road conditions. Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with the right tires is crucial for safety, performance and peace of mind. 


Proper tires with adequate tread depth and traction are essential for maintaining control on wet, slippery roads, reducing the risk of accidents. 


The right tires can enhance your vehicle’s performance, improving handling, fuel efficiency and your overall driving experience. 

Peace of Mind  

When you invest in quality tires, you’ll drive knowing you’re equipped to handle whatever the road throws your way, from sudden rain showers to unexpected detours. 

Drive into Spring with Confidence: Choosing the Right Tires 

Tire safety is paramount as we prepare for the shift in driving conditions that warmer weather brings. Here are some crucial considerations: 

Worn treads  

Worn treads can significantly reduce traction, especially on wet roads — posing a safety hazard to you and other drivers. 

Improper Tires for Hot Weather  

Tires designed for colder climates may not perform optimally in higher spring and summer temperatures, increasing the risk of blowouts and other issues. 

Finding the Perfect Tires for Your Needs 

Navigating the tire market can be overwhelming, but with Acima Leasing, the process becomes surprisingly simple. Here’s what you can expect: 

Wide Selection of Tires  

Whether you prefer shopping online or in store, Acima Leasing offers a multitude of retailer options to find tires that match your vehicle’s needs. From leisurely road trips to off-road adventures, you’ll find the perfect fit for your spring escapades. 

Understanding Tire Types 

Not all tires are created equal. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the options: 

  • All-season tires: Versatile and suitable for most road trips, providing balanced performance in various weather conditions. 

  • Summer tires: Designed for dry weather traction in warm to hot conditions, ideal for sunny climates. 

  • Winter tires: Offer maximum traction in cold weather, snow and ice, ensuring safety in slippery conditions. 

  • All-terrain tires: Designed for improved traction and control on rough or off-road terrain, perfect for adventurous spring expeditions. 

Practical Tips for Tire Maintenance 

Before embarking on your spring adventures, it’s crucial to ensure your tires are in optimal condition. Here are some pro tips to determine if your tires are ready to go or need to be replaced before you go. 

  • Check tire pressure regularly, especially before long journeys, to ensure proper inflation. Use a reliable tire gauge and refer to your vehicle’s manual for recommended pressure levels. 

  • Monitor tread depth to assess tire wear and replace tires as needed to maintain traction. The penny test is a simple way to check tread depth: Insert a penny into the tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down; if you can see the top of his head, it’s time to replace your tires. 

  • Schedule regular maintenance such as tire rotations and alignments to promote even wear and prolong the lifespan of your tires. Regular inspections by a qualified technician can identify potential issues early and prevent costly repairs down the road. 

The Road Awaits: Lease to Own Solutions for Safe Travel 

Ready to hit the road? Acima Leasing’s tire and automotive retailers are here to help you find the tires you need, when you need them, on terms that suit your budget. With lease-to-own solutions, you can make manageable lease renewal payments toward eventual ownership or opt for early purchase options.^ Say goodbye to hard shopping decisions and hello to worry-free driving this spring! 

Bonus! Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Adventure Planning a road trip?

Here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey: 

  • Packing: Organize your belongings with packing cubes and opt for versatile clothing tailored to your destination. Pack essentials into the car such as first aid kits, emergency supplies and roadside assistance tools. 

  • Accommodations: Choose accommodations that suit your preferences and consider short-term rentals for longer trips. Research pet-friendly options if traveling with pets. 

  • Preparation: Gather necessary travel documents, research local emergency services, and stay connected with a charged phone and GPS. Plan rest stops along your route, taking breaks to stretch your legs and refresh before continuing your journey. 

As you gear up for warmer weather and embark on spring adventures, prioritize safety, affordability and peace of mind with the right set of tires. With lease-to-own and a wide selection of tires at retailers near you, Acima Leasing has you covered for all your spring driving endeavors. So, hit the road with confidence and embrace the journey that lies ahead!