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What #AcimaLife Means To Us: A Lagoon Amusement Park Party

If there’s one thing we feel strongly about here at Acima, it’s the belief that happy employees equal happy customers. They just do a better job of serving customers, and they also make it super fun to come into work every day!

We’ve developed numerous culture initiatives, professional development and wellness programs, and we make sure to show our appreciation for outstanding performance with monthly awards and sweet prizes. However, sometimes what everyone really needs is a good, old-fashioned party!

On June 16, we got the team together for a full day of food, friends, family and fun at Lagoon Amusement Park. Meeting everyone’s family was such an amazing experience, and everyone definitely made the most of the day … just take a look at some of the photos and you can see how much fun we had!

Here’s what Acima employees had to say about our day at Lagoon Amusement Park:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the fun Lagoon Day! I’m a single mom with 4 little girls, so it’s hard for me to be able to take them to do stuff like that. We all had a blast on Saturday. Thank you again!” – Kristy M., Customer Service

“I know my nieces are now obsessed with their mom’s job (Kristy M.) because they got to go to Lagoon and they got their very own shirts! They literally wear their little Acima shirts ALL THE TIME now, it’s so cute.” – Kiri M., HR

“My family had a great time at Lagoon. Please pass along our thanks for a great summer party!” – Daniel M., Engineering

“Thanks so much for the summer party. It was amazing and our family had the greatest time. I was walking with Alejandra, both in our shirts, and this lady comes to me and asks me if we have anything to do with tires and leasing. I told them that yes our company does lease tires and she tells me her story. It happened that this past January she had to buy new tires and that she was completely out of money. Can’t remember who the merchant was but she tells me that they offered her Acima and she could not believe that she could actually pay the tires in 90 days. She was so glad that she got approved and that they took the money automatically and everything. It was nice to reminded once again that what we do affects real people’s lives!” – Adrian M., Engineering

“Thanks so much for putting together such a fun summer party! I was nervous about having to wait in the long lines in the heat all day, but turns out those long lines really push you out of your comfort zone. I was able to make more Acima friends in one day than I have in the last year. It was an awesome experience and I’m grateful to work for a company who cares so much about their employees.” – Allie L., HR

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who worked so hard to plan the employee party and make the day a success. It takes a lot of effort to pull something like this off, but when we see these pictures and read the comments from our team members, it all feels worth it. So, when can we do it again??