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When is the Best Time to Shop for a TV?

Oct 25, 2021

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When you're thinking about getting a new TV, deciding when to go shopping can be an important decision. There are many factors that go into timing for you to get the best deal on your new TV, and we'll help you understand when the best times are to get a new TV for yourself.

Five Best Times to Shop for a TV

When you decide you want to shop for a TV, we recommend checking out these five popular times to get a great deal.

Black Friday

Black Friday is known for sales for a reason. Many retailers will offer the best deals of the year on TVs to help draw people into their store, allowing you to get a TV for an affordable price. When you shop for your TV on Black Friday, be sure to compare the prices at different stores before making any decisions!

The First Week of January

If you’re willing to wait until the first week of January, there are many deals on TVs that will be offered during this time to help retailers start off the year on the right foot. It is also a way for retailers to get rid of any excess inventory they have from the Christmas season, and make room for newer product releases.

Late January

As the end of football season comes around, millions of Americans will tune into their teams’ games, and retailers know this. In fact, many will run sales in late January to get people the TV they need to impress their friends as they watch the big game. When you shop for your TV at this time, be sure to compare prices at different stores and find a retailer with free delivery (and make sure it will get there in time for the big game).

Late March or Early April

Late March and early April is a great time to shop for a new TV because it is the time when many manufacturers are preparing for new models to launch. Retailers will try to adjust their inventory so they aren't stuck with older models they can't sell.

When New TVs are Released

When new TVs are released, the old ones need to go. A couple of weeks after newer models hit the sales floor, the older ones will begin to drop in price. This is the time to shop since prices are typically some of the lowest all season.

What do you need to know before shopping for a new TV?

When you are thinking about shopping for a new TV, we recommend that you pay special attention to screen size, resolution, audio and smart capabilities. The screen size you choose should depend on the size of your home and the distance from which you will watch TV. When it comes to resolution, a higher resolution means crisper images, but there is some debate as to whether or not viewers can even tell the difference between 1080p and Ultra HD on smaller screens. The audio setup can vary, but generally speaking, plug-in speakers offer the best sound experience. Look for a TV that has external speaker connections or — even better — one that has Bluetooth® capabilities. When considering smart capabilities, make sure you take a look at what streaming services are included and how easy they are to use.

Do you like what you have now?

If you have a TV that you like now, you might want to look for the exact same brand and model again. While this makes sense for a lot of purchases, this might not be the best idea for a TV because technology has changed so much over the past years. There are many TVs out there that have more advanced features than what was available when you originally purchased yours.

How can you save when shopping for a TV?

When you're looking for a new TV, it can be overwhelming to see the final price tag on the one that caught your eye. If you want to increase your purchasing power, then we recommend finding an electronics retailer who can work with you through Acima’s lease-to-own program*.


Should I get a new TV?

The answer to this question will depend on your situation. A new TV can be a great investment if you're looking for a model that will last many years and can also be used as a monitor for your laptop, computer or other devices.

What months are TVs on sale?

Our top recommendation for when to find a TV on sale is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday weekends. These are the two times of the year where you will see the greatest price decrease, but be aware that the advertised prices may be limited to a certain number of TVs. If you are unable to time your shopping with these holidays, consider shopping for a TV during the other best times as suggested earlier.

Do TVs drop in price after Christmas?

Is it very common for TVs to drop in price after Christmas because stores are trying to correct their inventory after the holiday season.

What are the disadvantages of smart TVs?

Smart TVs can be difficult to use because they're not always intuitive. When you go with a smart TV, it typically comes with many apps installed, and navigating the setup can be difficult if you’re not tech savvy. Nevertheless, there are many cool advancements that come with smart TV models.

What is the worst time to shop for a TV?

We recommend avoiding purchasing a TV in October and early November as very few retailers will have any price reductions. The reason for this is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner.