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Apply the power of leasing to your website

The Acima Experience

Our eCommerce lease-to-own solution empowers customers to shop for the items they want, all without using credit.* The results are in – on average, retailers that use Acima's eCommerce experience:

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  • Less cart abandonment
  • Up to 30% more sales
  • Up to 2x ticket size
  • Higher approval rates

Frictionless Experience

Get the best when you offer the best in the industry

Customer never leaves your site

Unlike some providers, with Acima eCommerce, customers can complete their transaction without leaving your site.

Reduce checkout friction

Our application process is even easier for returning customers.

Quick pre-approval

After completing our brief online application, customers receive a decision within seconds with their amount prior to shopping.

Risk mitigation

With quick funding and no chargebacks, Acima is a no-brainer.

Easy Integration

Robust API and Pre-Built Shopping Cart Plugins

Rest API

Acima is organized around REST. Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Sandbox Testing

To make integration as explorable as possible, Acima has Sandbox and production API credentials, allowing you to test the application end-to-end before going live.


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Pre-Approval Widgets

Easily integrate Acima’s marketing resources on your website to drive conversion.

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Let’s Get Started

From the very start, we are dedicated to providing you with the education, transparency, and resources you will need to succeed with Acima.