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ACIMA LEASEPAY CARD™ Terms and Conditions:

THE ACIMA LEASEPAY CARD™ IS A PAYMENT CARD OPERATING ON THE MASTERCARD PROCESSING NETWORK. IT IS NOT A CREDIT CARD AND NO LINE OF CREDIT IS BEING PROVIDED OR EXTENDED TO YOU. The obligor under the terms of the card agreement with Sutton Bank (the “Issuing Bank”) is Acima. That means that Acima is required to pay the issuing bank for authorized charges made on the Acima LeasePay Card ™. The Acima LeasePay Card ™ is issued to you as an authorized user solely for use in purchasing merchandise on behalf of Acima for purposes of leasing those items to you pursuant to a terminable lease-purchase transaction (a “rent-to-own agreement”, “consumer rental-purchase agreement” or a “lease/lease-purchase agreement” depending on your state). Your obligations to make lease renewal payments or return property to Acima in good condition arise solely from each leasepurchase agreement that you execute. Terms of each lease purchase agreement may vary depending upon your state of residence at the time you execute the agreement. Any and all items purchased with this card will be property of Acima until the terms of ownership shown in the applicable lease agreement are met.

HOW IT WORKS:The Acima LeasePay Card™ is provided to facilitate payment between Acima, as purchaser, and a retailer you select, for the purchase of goods you have selected from a retailer and identified to Acima as items you intend to lease under a lease-purchase agreement. In order to use the card, you will be required to complete the Acima lease application process which can be done online or on your mobile device. If you meet the requirements for approval, Acima will send a confirming message indicating that you have been approved and providing an amount that Acima is willing to spend to purchase items you select for leasing. This amount will be referred to as your “lease line” and can be used in a single lease transaction or in a series of separate leases up to the total lease line amount indicated. To lease a specific item, go to the retailer of your choice and select an eligible item. Once you have selected an eligible item, provide the required information including a description of the product and the retailer’s selling price. Once that information is provided, Acima will display an estimate of the lease renewal payment, the number of renewals to obtain ownership, Acima’s cash price (which may be higher than the retailer’s cash price), and the total cost of ownership if you choose to make all renewal payments to ownership. You then choose to proceed with the lease-purchase transaction and Acima will present the entire lease-purchase document for your review and execution. You will execute the agreement through your mobile device or online and make the initial rental payment. Once this process is complete, the Acima LeasePay Card™ is temporarily authorized for the purchase of the specific items you have identified. Acima purchases the items and you have the use of those items until you elect not to renew your lease agreement or you satisfy the terms of ownership. You may obtain ownership through making all of the disclosed renewal payments or by exercising the Early Purchase Option (described in your lease). If you do not use the Acima LeasePay Card™ to complete the acquisition of the merchandise for the lease-purchase agreement within 60 minutes, your temporary authorization to use the card will expire, the agreement will automatically void, and your initial rental payment will be refunded to you. The refund will be returned to the same payment method used to make the payment.

TERMS AND PAYMENT:Because no credit is being extended to you and Acima is the account holder obligated forpayment to the Issuing Bank for authorized purchases made with the Acima LeasePay Card™, there are no separate payment terms or obligations created specifically related to the use of this card. All terms of payment applicable to you arise solely from the lease-purchase agreement and are stated in each lease-purchase agreement you execute. The form and terms of each leasepurchase agreement may vary based upon your state of residence and/or the date on which you execute the agreement. Acima may also update the terms of any lease-purchase agreement form from time to time, but such terms will not modify the terms of any agreement you have signed without your express written consent.

AUTHORIZED USER:The individual named on the face of the Acima LeasePay Card ™ (“Named Cardholder”) is the sole authorized user of the card. The Named Cardholder is solely responsible for using the card in accordance with the Authorized Use or Charge provisions described herein.

AUTHORIZED USE OR CHARGE:Named Cardholder is authorized to use the Acima LeasePay Card™ solely for the purchase of merchandise, on behalf of Acima, for the purpose of leasing that merchandise to the Named Cardholder pursuant to a terminable lease-purchase transaction. Property purchased with this card will be property of Acima until the terms of ownership shown in the applicable leasepurchase agreement are met. By using the Acima LeasePay Card™, Named Cardholder represents and warrants that the merchandise for which the card is charged is merchandise that Named Cardholder has properly described on a lease-purchase agreement and that Named Cardholder has executed that lease-purchase agreement with the intent to comply with all terms of the lease-purchase agreement.

FEES:There are no fees associated with the Acima LeasePay Card™. There may be fees associated with the lease-purchase transactions you may enter for merchandise purchased on behalf of Acima with the Acima LeasePay Card™. These fees vary by state and are disclosed on each lease-purchase agreement that you will review and execute prior to an Authorized Use. You should review each lease-purchase agreement thoroughly for description of the amount and conditions under which fees may apply.

REVIEW OF INFORMATION FROM CONSUMER REPORTING AGENCIES:Your credit reports are maintained by major credit bureaus and contains information on your credit and payment history. Acima does not review your FICO and does not require a minimum score. Acima may use your credit reports to determine acceptance or denial, and to determine an amount that Acima is willing to spend to purchase items you select for leasing. As part of your application for a lease-purchase agreement, Acima will obtain and review information provided by various data provider identified as a “consumer reporting agency” and the information provided to and reviewed by Acima may constitute a “consumer report” under the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

INFORMATION ON CREDIT REPORTING:Your credit scores are three-digit numbers that are assigned to you based on the information in your credit reports. Various credit issuers look at your credit scores to determine your credit eligibility, credit limit and interest rate. Your scores are based on factors including payment history, amount of debt versus credit available (credit utilization rate), and number and type of credit accounts. 

FICO® and VantageScore® are the two most common scoring models used by lenders. FICO scores (created by Fair Isaac Corp.) are based solely on information from your credit reports. FICO scores range between 300 and 850, with higher scores signifying less risk to lenders, and are used in the majority of, but not all, U.S. lending decisions.

VantageScore is independently managed by the three major consumer credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The three major credit bureaus individually assign a VantageScore credit score to your credit report and those VantageScores may vary by bureau.

Acima reports your transactional history to Experian. Other credit bureaus may not reflect your transactional history with Acima.