Acima Executive is Honoree for CXO of the Year

Mike Henderson, Chief People Officer at Acima, named honoree for CXO of the year award by Utah Business Magazine.

Acima is thrilled to have yet another executive as an honoree for the CXO of the Year award.

Each year, Utah Business Magazine recognizes excellent leaders in executive leadership. This year, Mike Henderson, Acima’s Chief People Officer, was selected as an honoree for CXO of the year. 

Mike leads Acima’s People operations including staffing, recruiting, benefits, employee appreciation and engagement, and so much more. Mike has been with Acima for five years and works with each department individually to create an environment where Acima employees have a wonderful experience.

As Chief People Officer, Mike is focused on getting the right people on Acima’s team and maximizing their contributions to the company’s objectives. His individual contributions have a direct impact on Acima’s growth. Beyond these accomplishments, Mike is loved by everyone who works with him.

Utah Business Magazine says, “Members of the C-suite are responsible for developing the methods and strategies behind a company’s success. As team leaders, they make the hard decisions that impact daily operations as well as the long-term vision of the company.” 

The description suits Mike perfectly. He has a clear vision for making Acima a great place to work and a strategic mind for getting people into positions where they can have the most positive impact on the business.

“As chief people officer, you need a genuine interest in people and their success,” he told Utah Business Magazine. “A good leader knows his people, and uses that understanding of them to lead them to where they will be successful.”