Happy Holidays from the Acima Credit Team!

This year was another great one for the Acima Credit team. Just like every other year, our goal as a company is to enrich the lives of our customers, our merchants, and our employees. It’s just what we do!

This year, we had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. We hired some amazing new team members who have already started to make Acima stronger and better than ever before. We partnered with some new small businesses across the country who are offering their customers great products at honest prices. The customers we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with online and over the phone this year have made what we do every single day worth it.

This year brought about some unexpected opportunities for the Acima Credit team; opportunities we won’t soon forget. Earlier in the year, the team banded together to pay off school lunch debts at several local elementary schools. This act of service resonated strongly with many of our team members, because we often don’t give much thought as to whether kids have enough money to eat lunch every day. Participating in this initiative really opened our eyes to other ways we can help our community (and beyond).

Toward the end of the year, we also participated in the Shoes for Kids event at David Gourley Elementary. We delivered around 600 shoes and our amazing team members spent 6.5 hours helping every student try on their new shoes to make sure they got the exact size they needed. We really enjoyed the change to get to know the students a little more and we will definitely be looking for more ways to help our community in the new year.

In closing, we just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy new year. We’ll still be here for you if you need us, but we know how busy this time of year can get for many people, and we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to thank you for your support. We appreciate you, and we look forward to working together again in 2019!