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10 Truly Practical New Year’s Resolutions to Add to Your List

Dec 02, 2021

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Last we checked, there’s nothing saying you have to wait until the new year to make New Year’s resolutions. Right now is actually the perfect time to sit for a moment, do a little reset, and really think through what you want to do in the upcoming year to make your life better. Otherwise, you might find yourself making off-the-cuff resolutions in a hurry that you don’t intend to take seriously.

To help, here’s a little early New Year’s gift: We already did the work for you! Just take these 10 easy resolutions we’ve already created and use them to make big impacts in your own life. Let’s count them down!

10. Write Down Your Goals

Whether it’s a list of daily chores or goals for the year, it’s easier to forget them or let them slip by if you try to rely solely on memory. So don’t just make a declaration of your big resolutions for the new year — put them in writing, then keep them in a place you can remember. That way, you can refer to them and track your progress, which increases your chances of completing them.

Even better, tell someone (such as a friend, family member or co-worker) about your goals! Having someone to keep you accountable and remind you of your resolutions can really ignite your motivation to see your goals through.

9. Set a Monthly Budget

Improving finances is a common resolution most people tend to make. But this goal can be overwhelming if you don’t know have a specific goal in mind or where to even begin with your goal setting.

Creating a budget is one of the very first steps (perhaps the most important step) to take control of your finances in the new year. This will allow you to evaluate where you currently stand and where you’d like to be by this time next year. Then you can set specific, actionable steps toward achieving those goals. For more ideas and motivators, check out our article here.

8. Take Charge with To-Do Lists

Creating a to-do list can just sound like just another chore, but there’s a reason why they work (go back to #10 above for a small reminder). Making a list can be a great way to organize your thoughts, map out your day and check off each chore you complete. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish — and how much time it will save you — when you plan ahead.

And you don’t have to stop at one list. Try sorting your to-do lists by short-term or long-term projects and by priority to be as productive and on-task as possible. You could even treat yourself to a small reward once you’re done for a little extra incentive to stay on track!

7. A Little Daily Cleaning Adds Up

It happens to all of us: We walk by something in the house that needs to be picked up, wiped up, swept up or put up. It would take 10 seconds. But do we do it? No — and suddenly, we’re spending weekend time doing chores when we could be doing something way more fun.

Even if it’s just for five minutes, tidying up your space, organizing and keeping small messes from snowballing into bigger messes can help keep your home looking great and you feeling more accomplished. What’s more, it will help you stay sane. Clutter in your living or workspace can bring on anxiety; taking those breaks during the day to clean up even one thing can help reduce stress and maintain your peace of mind.

6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Subscriptions

It’s easy to be lured by low rates on TV/movie/gaming streaming platforms, meal kit deliveries, health and beauty boxes or other subscription services. That is, until you realize how quickly the dollars add up. Many people even find themselves still paying for subscriptions they rarely or no longer use.

If that’s the case for you, there’s an easy fix: Cancel them! Then reallocate the money toward something that gets you closer to your financial goals. If you’re having a hard time letting go, try canceling for a month or two, then re-assess (these days services make it easy to resubscribe). However, by then, that extra money you’ve saved may make you think twice about going back. 

5. Get in Touch with Your Creative Side

In the new year, do more things that inspire you, that make the world around you a little more beautiful and that make you happy. Life’s too short, after all! So maybe that means trying your hand at interior design, starting some DIY home projects, painting a wall a new color, swapping outdated furniture pieces with newer ones — the possibilities are endless. Whatever it is for you, start a new hobby that will allow you to exercise your creative spirit at home. 

4. Consume Less, Save More

There are so many brands, products and services that vie for our attention. And if something is trending on social media, the potential for FOMO gets really real. But if you’re serious about creating a financially savvy mindset, you must be stronger than the temptation to get everything you want when you go shopping.

Instead of getting something on impulse, resolve to be more conscious of your spending decisions. One effective method to apply: When you find something you want, wait a few days — then see if you’re just as excited about it as time has passed. Being more purposeful with your shopping choices can help save you money and decrease clutter.

Here’s another (possibly even fun) idea that could help … 

3. Challenge Yourself to No-Spend Days

It’s easy and fun to spend money on things you want, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if it was just as easy not to spend? But just because it’s a little harder doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. So put your self-control to the test and designate one day as a “no-spend” day. After you conquer one day, try two and then three. Soon you’ll be on your way to a week, and that much closer to your financial goals.

Pro tip: Turn it into a game with yourself! See how long you can go and discover what you will find yourself saying “no” to. This type of exercise allows you to honestly determine which of your expenses are necessary and which are truly frivolous (or even wasteful). It’s a great way to teach yourself to spend more mindfully.

2. Use Acima’s Lease-to-Own Program

There are always going to be larger items you have to save up for. When you do zero in on those thoughtful, larger home selections (electronics, appliances, furniture, etc.), use Acima leasing as a way to get them. As an alternative to financing, Acima’s lease-purchase agreements allow customers to get what they want now by making manageable lease renewal payments. If you make the number of payments defined under your lease or exercise an option to purchase it early at a discount, it’s yours! If you no longer need it, you can simply return it in good condition at any time without further obligation.  So instead of dipping into credit (a New Year’s goal in and of itself) or paying large amounts of cash upfront, utilize our leasing program to help stay within that new budget of yours.

1. Congratulate Yourself on Your Accomplishments

You know this by now, especially if you’ve historically set and met New Year’s resolutions: Success is not linear. You will have better days than others. But just remember why you set goals to begin with: to create an intentional path toward improving your well-being and quality of life.

So, give yourself some grace and keep going. Then, celebrate your success when you cross the finish line! You deserve to give yourself credit for your achievements and, more importantly, for proving to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. Happy (early) New Year!