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2024 Eyewear Trends: A Guide for Retailers to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Feb 22, 2024

A view of the inside of an eyewear store with a customer looking at the options available to shop from.

You may have noticed that new eyewear styles are exploding this year — becoming one of the hottest fashion accessories sought by customers these days. So naturally, understanding and adapting to the current design trends (1) is crucial for staying ahead in the competitive market. And just as hot is the conversation around lease-to-own solutions which allows retailers to offer their customers shopping.

This guide aims to help eyewear retailers navigate these fashion changes and introduce a lease-to-own solution that can help provide shopping power to customers looking for payment options. We’ll also focus on sharing thought starters around sales strategies and marketing effectiveness to work these fashion changes to their benefit. 

New and Upcoming Shape Trends 

Thin, Round Glasses 

In the fashion-forward world of eyewear, thin, round glasses are making a chic comeback, blending vintage elegance with a modern flair. Reminiscent of a bygone intellectual era, these frames have been reimagined with sleek lines and lightweight materials. The appeal lies in their sophisticated yet understated presence, making them a suitable choice for a wide demographic seeking both style and comfort.   

This trend offers an opportunity to the sophisticated, minimalist clientele. Emphasizing their sleek design and comfortable wear in your marketing efforts can attract customers who value both fashion and functionality. Showcase these glasses in settings that reflect both contemporary and classic styles, underscoring their versatility as a timeless fashion accessory. 

Unique Shapes with Hanging Pieces 

Daring, distinctive and undeniably eye-catching — eyewear featuring unconventional shapes and playful hanging elements is the latest buzz in the fashion world. This trend speaks to those who crave uniqueness and a touch of whimsy in their accessories. As a retailer, embracing these eclectic designs means tapping into a market of trendsetters and fashion adventurers. Feature these bold frames prominently in your store, creating visually striking displays that captivate and intrigue. In your digital campaigns, highlight their uniqueness to appeal to customers who love to be at the forefront of style. 

Thick, Chunky Frames 

Thick, chunky frames are staging a stylish comeback, blending retro charm with modern flair. Echoing the bold eyewear trends of the past, they appeal to customers who favor eyewear as a standout accessory. This trend is a chance to explore retro-inspired branding and visual merchandising. In your marketing, highlight their statement-making potential, blending vintage themes with contemporary style cues. Consider creating store displays or advertising campaigns that capture the essence of this nostalgic trend while showcasing its relevance in today’s fashion echelon.   

Embracing Colorful Eyewear in 2024 

This year’s eyewear landscape is vividly transforming, with bold hues like electric blues, vibrant reds and sunny yellows taking center stage. This trend goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about expressing one’s personality through color. As a result, they become not just accessories but statements of individuality.   

As a retailer, expanding your inventory with this spectrum of colors is key. Your displays and merchandising should reflect this colorful variety, inspiring customers to see these frames as a unique addition to their wardrobes. These pieces should also emphasize personal expression, showcasing how they can add a distinctive touch to different lifestyles. 

Transparent Frames: A Subtle Trend 

In contrast to the boldness of colors, transparent frames (2) have also emerged as a trend for their minimalist yet stylish appeal. These frames offer an understated elegance, appealing to those who favor a more subtle fashion statement. Including transparent frames in your collection caters to customers seeking a versatile and chic eyewear option. Showcasing these frames’ adaptability with various outfits highlights their position as a modern wardrobe staple, appealing to style-conscious consumers who value simplicity and sophistication.  

Incorporating both colorful and transparent eyewear into your product selections addresses a broad spectrum of customer preferences. This approach not only diversifies your product range but also communicates that your business sees eyewear as an integral component of personal style and expression. 

Styling Eyewear for Every Occasion 

In 2024, eyewear has become a necessary fashion accessory for every occasion, reflecting the dynamic blend of lifestyle and style. Crafting collections that cater to a range of occasions — from the polished professionalism of the boardroom to the casual flair of weekend outings, and the elegance of special events like weddings — becomes an art. This approach enriches the eyewear experience, offering customers a range of choices that align with various moments in their lives.  

Creative marketing campaigns can vividly illustrate how different styles complement these settings, and interactive styling sessions become a platform for guiding customers in their quest for the perfect eyewear. This transition transforms the traditional eyewear retail space into a destination that celebrates the fusion of fashion and functionality in eyewear. 

Accessorizing Your Eyewear 

Accessorize the accessory? Absolutely! It’s become another key trend, opening a new realm of fashion statements that go beyond the frames themselves. Stylish chains, innovative cases, sleek lens cleaners, and even customizable charms are transforming eyewear into a complete fashion ensemble. These accessories not only enhance the functionality of eyewear but also add an extra layer of style and personality.  

In showcasing these accessories, pair them creatively with your eyewear collections to demonstrate how they complement each other. This visual combination can inspire customers to see their eyewear as part of a broader fashion accessory set. Think about introducing bundle deals or special promotions that combine frames with matching accessories, encouraging customers to take advantage of these fashionable add-ons. This strategy can enhance the customer’s shopping experience, offering them a comprehensive and stylish eyewear solution. 

Embracing Sustainability in Eyewear 

Sustainability in eyewear is transforming from a mere trend into a significant movement, reflecting a growing consciousness among consumers. The appeal of eco-friendly eyewear lies in its ability to merge style with responsibility toward the environment. By incorporating sustainable options into your collection, you cater to an audience that values ethical and environmentally-friendly choices.  

In this context, it’s not just about offering sustainable products but also about telling their story. Highlighting these eco-conscious choices in both your in-store and e-commerce spaces, you can create a narrative that resonates with the values of your customers. Through your marketing efforts, focus on educating and informing customers about the benefits of sustainable eyewear — from the materials used to the manufacturing processes. 

Take Your Business Further with Acima Leasing 

As you embrace the dynamic world of eyewear trends for 2024, consider enhancing your customers’ shopping power with a lease-to-own payment solution from Acima Leasing. Lease-to-own is one of the most flexible payment options in the market and helps customers shop without using credit.* A majority of U.S. consumers can be categorized as non-prime consumers who lack access to traditional payment options(3). Collaborating with Acima Leasing enables you to offer a wider range of payment options for your customers, not only expanding your market reach but also aligning with the modern consumer’s desire for flexibility. Visit our website today, and take a step toward improving your customers’ retail experience with the option to offer flexible payment options that fit their lifestyles. 

Common Questions 

How can retailers identify emerging eyewear trends early? 

Retailers can stay ahead by monitoring fashion industry reports, attending eyewear trade shows, and following influential designers on social media. Collaborating with fashion influencers and keeping an eye on fashion week trends are also effective strategies. 

Are there any specific materials in eyewear becoming popular in 2024? 

In 2024, sustainable materials like recycled plastics and bamboo are gaining popularity. Also, lightweight metals and innovative composites that offer durability and comfort are becoming sought-after choices among consumers. 

How important is it to consider face shape when stocking eyewear? 

It’s crucial. Different frame shapes complement different face shapes. Offering a diverse range of frame styles helps ensure that all customers find flattering options that enhance their unique features and personal style. 

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