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Open the door to new customers with Acima.

Our lease-to-own solutions unlock shopping power and choice for customers that don’t want to use credit or are unable to qualify for traditional financing.

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The benefits for retail partners couldn’t be clearer.

Greater Revenue

Increase sales volume by serving our universe of tens of millions of consumers.

Incremental Sales

Customers have access to their full approval amount, so you’ll often see ticket sales increase.

New Customers

We help you attract previously out-of-reach customers by giving them greater shopping power.

Cost Savings

Avoid the expense of reward and retention programs, or additional personnel, with our staffed and self-guided options.

Technology that helps you tap into tens of millions of underserved consumers.

Online Shopping

The Acima MarketPlaceTM can help drive online sales with no additional cost.

Website Integration

Our team is ready to work with you to seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce environment, giving customers a much-needed alternative to financing.

In-Store Solutions

We’re the only lease-to-own provider that offers supplemental staff to help customers in-store, in addition to self-guided kiosks.

Mobile App

The Acima mobile app offers a frictionless, end-to-end customer experience, from application to shopping (both in-store and online) to servicing.

We make it easy for customers to say "yes."

Fast Application

Customers can apply in less than a minute, which helps you close the deal.

Flexible Payments

Flexible, affordable payments help reduce the barrier to entry.

Shopping Power

High approval amounts of up to $5,000 help ensure they get what they need.

Our growing partner network has over 15,000 locations.

Best Buy
Big O Tires
P.C. Richard & Son
Bob's Discount Furniture
5 Star Furniture
Best Buy
Big O Tires
P.C. Richard & Son
Bob's Discount Furniture
5 Star Furniture

Partnering with Acima can make a real difference.

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Become a Partner

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Frequently asked questions

We help to increase sales in two important ways. First, we help you complete more sales through our flexible lease-to-own program that provides options for your customers who may not be able to qualify for traditional credit financing, are unbanked, or simply want an alternative to credit. Second, our marketing efforts will drive prior lease-to-own customers back to you, as well as locate, qualify, and direct new customers to your location. This approach helps to build new sales, increase traffic, and satisfy more customers.

We have a dedicated team that will assist you and your employees, on-site and virtual, in understanding the program, details, terms, and benefits so they can clearly communicate the program details to customers. We offer educational videos and other learning aids and tools you can use to train your current employees as we come on board and train your new employees as they join your team. You will also have access to a dedicated support team available to answer any questions you or your employees may have.

Yes! Our process does not require a specific credit score or established credit history. While we may factor in information from a credit report, we evaluate a number of other factors from data furnishers, as well as income to make approval decisions for qualifying customers.

We buy the product from you and our lease-to-own solutions provide a clear path to ownership for our customers. Once a lease begins, the customer has three options. First, they can acquire ownership of the item by making the number of lease renewal payments disclosed in their agreement. Second, at any time during the lease they can exercise an early^ purchase option and purchase the item at a discount to the total cost of the lease. The earlier this decision is made, the larger the discount. And third, if the lease no longer fits within their budget, they can make the decision to return the item to us in good condition and have no further payment obligation.

We will fund the transaction, at your request, once the merchandise has been fully delivered or picked up by the customer. The process is simple and provides for most transactions to be paid within two business days. We provide a report which allows for easy and accurate reconciliation of all your Acima transaction payments.