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A Quick and Handy Guide to Picking the Right Mattress Size

Nov 10, 2021

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Ok, so some of you may be thinking, “I know how to pick a mattress size. I have a queen-size frame, so I need a queen-size mattress!” That may well be, but it’s possible that you’re not thinking about this deeply enough! Often we fall into patterns of assuming we need a certain mattress size because of unquestioned beliefs: “I’ve always had a queen” or “My parents slept on a king, and they seemed to know what they were doing.” But consider this: If you and your partner are feeling disconnected at night, replacing your king with a full-size mattress might solve the issue! And if your animals are keeping you awake, it might be time to bring in the king.

Before we dive into the different mattress sizes on the market, it’s important to note a few other considerations at play. First off, obviously, you’ll need to make sure that whatever size you end up choosing works for your room size. You’ll also need to think about how many people will be sleeping on said mattress — and that number might include dogs, cats and the occasional little visitor who’s had a bad dream. The heights and sizes of these family members (including the furry ones) matter, too! Take all of this into consideration as we break down each mattress size below.

Twin-Size Mattress

We’ll start with the smallest size mattress on the market: the twin mattress. Twins measure 38 inches in width by 75 inches in length, and they’re a great pick for tiny spaces. If you have small children or toddlers, and you’re looking to transition from a crib to an actual kid bed, twin-size mattresses are a natural choice.

Twin mattresses are also great for adolescents and adults who are trying to maximize space, or who don’t have all that much space to work with. Those who live in small dorm quarters or studio apartments tend to opt for a twin mattress when space is a concern.

Twin XL-Size Mattress

While similar in size to a twin-size mattress, the twin XL has one very distinct difference: an extra five inches in length. The additional length makes this bed much more suited for tall children, teenagers and college students.

Full-Size Mattress

Next up: the full-size mattress, which may be the most underappreciated mattress size. A full-size mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. That may not seem like a lot of room for two people, but it can actually be perfect for couples who like to get cozy. This holds especially true for couples living in small city apartments, where every square inch of space is valuable.

If a full-size mattress does well for a couple, then it obviously offers plenty of room for a single person. Many single adult sleepers find that a full-size mattress is both spacious and cozy, offering enough room to spread out with space to spare for a pet.

But don’t forget about the kids! A full-size mattress can be a great choice for children, especially if you’re wanting them to grow into their bed and have it last through their teenage years.

Lastly, if you have a guest bedroom in your home and you’re looking for the right mattress to fit the space, a full-size bed is a great route to go. It tends to be that “just right” size for accommodating guests while leaving plenty of spare room in your spare room.

Queen-Size Mattresses

The queen-size mattress, measuring 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, remains the most popular mattress size. Why? Well, a queen tends to have the perfect dimensions for most standard bedrooms, and is often a common choice for younger couples as well as single sleepers who prefer more space — especially singles with a lot of pets or one large pet.

For a young couple with a somewhat sizable bedroom, a queen-size mattress makes a great option. However, if space to roll around and stretch out is important, even a queen can feel a bit small. Enter the king.

King-Size Mattress

Next up is the king-size mattress, measuring an immense 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. If you said “yes” to wanting more space to roll around and stretch out, this size of mattress is likely for you! The king-size mattress is perfect for couples who like their personal space and for couples who might sleep with a younger child (or more than one tyke). A king can provide enough space for the whole family­ — including pets — and the bed can even serve as a sort-of home base for games and stories on lazy Saturday mornings. For reference, a king-size mattress provides about 30% more sleeping space than a queen, so if you prefer personal space, this size is likely right for you!

However, with great size comes some drawbacks. You’ll obviously want to make sure you can fit a king into your bedroom and still have room for other furniture. And, for some couples, the distance between partners can seem like a pretty wide gulf.

The California King Mattress

Finally, for those who want the absolute most space possible — and who have the bedroom space in which to fit it — there’s the California king mattress, measuring 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. A California king-size mattress is as big as they come and as spacious as they get. This mattress certainly makes a statement, and it can certainly be the right fit for the right couple or family.

Let Acima Help You in Your Mattress Hunt

Looking to bring a new mattress home? Let Acima help you – all without credit! While mattresses can range in size, they can also range in price. The average cost of a twin mattress is about $820 and the average price of a king mattress is about $1,480 — and even more for a California king.1 However, this decision is too important to let the price tag put a damper on your mattress decision. You’re going to spend a third of your time lying down, so it’s important to choose wisely! Shop name-brand mattresses at your favorite online retailers today and see how Acima’s leasing solutions can help. Acima’s lease-to-own* alternative to financing can be a lifesaver — especially with something as important as getting a good night’s rest.


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