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The Best Gaming Systems on the Market

Jan 22, 2024

A young adult happily playing with their gaming system of choice.

Gaming systems today are more than just consoles, and they are certainly not the old-school systems of your parents’ (or grandparents’) generation. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, they are gateways to immersive virtual worlds, social connections and endless entertainment.   

From powerful home consoles to portable devices and cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR), there’s something for every type of gamer. In this guide, let’s walk you through some of the top gaming systems currently trending, helping you choose the perfect one for you. We’ll also show you how with a lease-to-own solution, these advanced gaming technologies can be within reach. 

PlayStation®5: Revolutionizing Home Gaming 

Sony’s PlayStation®5 has redefined what gamers expect from a console. At its heart lies a custom RDNA 2 GPU and an ultra-high-speed SSD, which work together to render astonishing graphics and virtually eliminate loading times. This means the games you love not only look spectacular, but they also feel seamless and responsive.  

The DualSense controller is another significant leap forward, offering more than just standard vibrations. It features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, providing a tactile experience that replicates real-life actions. For instance, drawing a bowstring feels tense, and driving on rough terrain translates into authentic, hand-felt sensations.  

The PS5™ also emphasizes its exclusive gaming titles, which are a major draw. These games are specifically designed to take full advantage of the console’s capabilities, offering experiences you can’t find elsewhere. This makes the PlayStation®5 an ideal choice for gamers who crave the latest technology and exclusive content. 

Xbox Series X: The Powerhouse of Gaming 

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X stands out with its impressive technical specifications. It boasts a powerful 12 teraflops of processing power, ensuring games run smoothly even at 4K resolution. This console is designed for performance enthusiasts who appreciate high-fidelity graphics and quick load times.  

The Series X also offers a strong backward compatibility feature, allowing players to enjoy a vast library of games from previous Xbox generations. This commitment to gaming history means that not only can you play the latest blockbusters, but also your old favorites are not left behind.  

Another unique aspect of the Xbox Series X is the Xbox Game Pass. This subscription service is often described as the “Netflix for games,” providing access to a constantly updating library of games, including many on their release day. This makes the Xbox Series X an excellent choice for those who value a diverse gaming library and wish to explore new titles regularly. 

Xbox Series S: Compact and Cost-Effective Gaming 

The Xbox Series S offers a more compact and budget-friendly option for next-gen gaming. Despite its smaller size, it packs a significant punch with a custom NVME SSD, which drastically reduces load times and enhances game performance. This console is ideal for casual gamers or those with space constraints who still desire the benefits of next-gen gaming.  

The Series S, being digital-only, is tailored for the modern era of gaming, where digital downloads are increasingly prevalent. This approach not only saves physical space but also aligns with the growing trend of digital game libraries. Its compatibility with Xbox Game Pass adds immense value, giving access to a wide range of games at an affordable price. 

Nintendo Switch: Versatile Gaming for All Ages 

Nintendo’s approach with the Switch has been groundbreaking, offering a diverse game library and versatile gaming experience that caters to portable and home entertainment, flexibility and family-friendly content. The hybrid design of the console allows gamers to transition seamlessly from playing on their TVs to taking their game on the go — a significant factor in the Switch’s widespread appeal. Moreover, the detachable Joy-Con controllers provide unique gameplay experiences and support local multiplayer gaming, further emphasizing Nintendo’s focus on social gaming.  

PC and Desktop Gaming: The Pinnacle of Customization and Performance 

Gaming on a PC or laptop offers a level of customization and performance that can’t be matched by traditional consoles. The ability to upgrade components like the GPU, CPU and RAM means that a gaming PC can evolve over time to keep up with technological advances and gaming demands.  

The range of games available on PC is vast, encompassing everything from AAA titles to indie gems. Some platforms provide access to thousands of games, along with a community of fellow gamers. Moreover, PC gaming is known for its modding community, which allows players to modify and enhance their games, extending their longevity and enjoyment. 

For gamers who prioritize high-resolution graphics, customizable settings and an extensive game library, a gaming PC or laptop is the ideal choice. Whether building a high-end gaming rig or choosing a gaming laptop for portability, the options are limitless. 

Oculus: Immersive Gaming in Virtual Reality 

VR gaming, led by systems like the Oculus Quest 2, offers an entirely new dimension of gaming. These systems transport players into virtual worlds where they can interact with the environment for an experience that traditional gaming can’t offer.  

For those seeking a completely new way to game, VR systems provide an exciting opportunity to enjoy a fully immersive gaming journey. The technology is continually evolving, with improvements in graphics, tracking, and user comfort — and as it continues to advance, VR is set to become an even more integral part of the gaming landscape.  

Unlock Your Gaming Potential with Acima Leasing 

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Find Your Perfect Gaming Match 

Each gaming system brings its own unique strengths to the table. From the high-powered gaming of the PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X/S to the versatile Nintendo Switch, the customizable nature of PC gaming and the immersive world of VR — the choices are plentiful. Consider your gaming preferences, the type of games you enjoy, and your budget as you make your decision. Then dive into your new experience! 

Common Questions 

Q1: How do software updates and online services vary across different gaming systems? 

Software updates and online services vary: PlayStation and Xbox offer robust online services with regular updates, while Nintendo’s online service focuses more on classic games and simpler online play. PCs rely on individual game platforms like Steam for updates. 

Q2: Can I use accessories from previous console generations with the new systems? 

Accessory compatibility depends on the system: PS5™ supports most PS4 peripherals for PS4 games, Xbox Series X/S maintains broad compatibility with Xbox One accessories, while the Nintendo Switch has unique accessories not backward compatible with older consoles. 

Q3: How do the graphics and performance of these gaming systems compare? 

Graphics and performance differ significantly: PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X are leaders in high-resolution and fast gameplay, the Nintendo Switch prioritizes versatile play over raw power, and PCs offer customizable performance based on hardware.