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Support Your Child's Online Learning: Desk Furniture Made Affordable

Oct 23, 2020

A child is studying at a desk with her headphones on.

These days, it seems we’re constantly learning how to adapt to new ways of life to keep our families safe and healthy during the pandemic. One major change, of course, is that traditional school has been replaced (either partially or entirely) with virtual student learning until it’s safe to send all children back to school in person. To say the least, this comes with many new challenges that families with school-aged kids have had to tackle on the fly, including creating an environment in the home where they can set their children up for scholarly success.

At the same time, these families may be dealing with a job loss, reduction in income or general tightening of the family budget to make sure they can take care of the basics in an unpredictable time.

So if you’re a parent in this situation, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself this question: What does the learning environment in my home look like?

Acima has the answer. When you shop now and pay later with our lease-to-own alternative to furniture financing, getting the items you want is completely doable and affordable all without credit*. We’ll show you how.

Learning How to Set Up Your Child for Success

Between needing to keep up their grades, keeping a steady routine, paying attention on Zoom and missing their friends, students are facing daily hurdles as they navigate the new waters of remote learning. That’s why it’s so important to create the best space possible for your child that’s truly theirs and makes them feel comfortable, focused and safe.

The must-have anchor of that space: A sturdy desk and chair. Having a dedicated desk for school activities helps kids mentally prepare for learning and for the tasks of the day. Just like a home office for adults, when students sit down at their desks, they know that it’s time to focus and get to work.

The desk you should consider buying needs to be large enough to accommodate all of the essentials your child needs for class, including a laptop, a printer, books and other school supplies while not feeling cramped or crowded.

The No Credit Option* + Shop Now, Pay Later = A Great Alternative to Furniture Financing

Like any large piece of furniture, a quality desk can be expensive. And for many families, it’s not an expense they are likely ready for in a time when they may be finding it difficult to afford even the most basic needs.

Fortunately, Acima can make this problem easy to solve. How?

Acima provides customers an option for furniture leasing in more than 15,000 stores around the country, which allows customers to shop for major furniture pieces without relying on credit cards or a store’s own financing program (which could turn into years of paying off interest). It’s also a great alternative to seeking out a traditional loan (again, interest).

If you’ve ever heard the term “shop now, pay later” well, that’s Acima in a nutshell. We also like to call it “shopping power.” Our simple application process only takes a few minutes, and then you’re instantly approved for up to $4,000 to start shopping for the study room furniture you want all without credit*.

Nervous about a big first payment? Just one low initial payment gets you started on your lease-purchase agreement. Worried your payments will be high? With furniture leasing, payments are always affordable, because you’re in control. You can choose to make your payments either monthly or every other week.

Not sure which payment option would work best? Acima will be happy to help you determine the best option for your family’s life and budget. Then, once you complete your payments, you’re a proud owner.

Here’s another advantage to lease-to-own* as an alternative to furniture financing: There’s no long-term commitment. During the course of the agreement, if you ever need to, you can simply return the item to Acima in good condition at any time without further obligation. This can be a huge help if your family’s finances become more uncertain, or if your child returns to school and you no longer need your product.

Start Now to Shop Now and Pay Later

The no credit option* at Acima can help you get the desk furniture you need and create the perfect space for your child’s online schooling. Just find a store that offers Acima, start your application, and get what you need as soon as today. Or check out our website to learn more about how “shop now, pay later” and Acima work.