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Connecting with Customers in the New Year

Dec 28, 2022

A store employee communicating with a happy customer

One of the biggest challenges with running a new business is finding and connecting with new customers. However, in many cases, you needn’t worry. Attracting customers is often simply a case of diligence combined with time-tested techniques. 

If your business is looking to build better relationships with your audience in the new year, there are many ways to go about it. Connection efforts can be as small as doing research or as big as attending conventions or conferences.  

In this article, we’ll provide a few methods to consider if you’re hoping to grow your business’s audience in the new year. Let’s get started! 

Respond to Customer Feedback 

Connecting with your customers through their reviews and feedback is a great starting point. Never forget that customers are people! That means they want to feel seen and heard. In addition, they hope their feedback has an effect on how your business runs and on the products you create. Responding to constructive criticism, and showing them how their feedback is beneficial to you, can create a stronger relationship between your customers and your business. 

Understanding Your Audience 

The first step in connecting with your audience is understanding them. Who are they? What do they do, and how do they spend their time?Don't assume that you know everything about your client base. Instead, go beyond the conventional wisdom and make an effort to start direct conversations with your audience. Go onto social media, utilize email or ask around to see what your customers prefer. 

One important aspect of understanding your audience revolves around knowing their preferred payment methods. Keep in mind that around 42% of global transactions occur via alternative payment methods (meaning methods besides cash, checks, and credit or debit cards). For this reason, providing other methods of payment online and in-store can indicate to your customers that you understand what they like. Proving that you understand your customers’ payment needs can lead to a stronger connection — and possibly more interactions and sales. 

Create Personalized Experiences 

Customers want to feel unique, within the context of your business. That means you should make every effort to make them feel special. Whether through direct emails, bespoke packaging or other marketing efforts, customization is a great way to connect with a consumer. Including a customer’s name in an email or creating a customized package for your customer can build a stronger relationship with them, helping to grow that connection over time. 

Meet Your Customers Where They Are 

It's important to try and meet your customers where they are physically and digitally. Building a community around your business starts with making connections. Take the initiative! Find out where and when your audience is shopping, and meet them there. If there are aspects of your business that seem to spark interest with your audience, ask them why! Foster a welcoming, outgoing and inquisitive culture within your company. 

Another way to “meet your customers where they are” is to go out and find them. Look for in-person conventions, trade shows or events where your target audience is likely to be in attendance. Dive into online communities and create conversations. As a business owner, you should always be actively seeking to make those connections. 

Understanding your customer’s financial situations is another way to “meet your customers where they are”. Are they struggling? If your customers are having issues with the payment options you are offering, consider alternatives to financing like Acima Leasing

Turn Angry Customers into Satisfied Ones 

Looking for ways to change the opinions of previous customers who may have had an unhappy experience with your company is a great way to connect with customers. By understanding their disappointment, acknowledging their feelings, apologizing and taking action, you can bring customers back into the fold

How Acima Leasing Can Help 

With the new year just around the corner, now is a great time to reestablish your connection with your target audience. The new year also offers an ideal opportunity to set new marketing goals. 

If you’re looking for a way to resonate with your audience and attract new shoppers, Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solutions* can provide your customers with a new way to shop in the new year. Furthermore, if your business is not yet offering an alternative to traditional payment methods, Acima Leasing’s easily integrated system can open up your business to a huge, untapped market. With Acima’s lease-to-own solutions*, these previously out-of-reach customers will be given access to flexible shopping power, allowing them to bring home the items they’ve been wanting and needing today.