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Creative Home Office Wall Organization Ideas to Maximize Space

Jun 23, 2022

If you work from home, chances are you enjoy it. But if you work in a smaller-than-desired “home office” space — we’re guessing you probably don’t love that so much. You’re not alone, especially if you live in an apartment or can’t dedicate a whole room to work from. There may barely be enough room for you, a desk, a chair and your computer — let alone a place to store and organize everything you need to be productive. 

Actually, there is a place to do all that, no matter how cramped your space — somewhere that could literally be right in front of you at this very moment: the wall. You may see a blank space; we see tons of organizing, storing and decorating potential. With a few key pieces and some budget-friendly creativity, you can start maximizing what would otherwise be an unused area with minimal effort. And the best part, it would all be out of everyone’s way.  

We’ve got five popular, tried-and-true recommendations for easy, inexpensive home office wall organization below to get you started!  

Why You Should Explore the Vertical

Using your wall’s vertical space is the seemingly obvious but often underutilized option when it comes to your office needs. After all, the empty walls behind and around your desk are typically just negative spaces — but they don’t have to be! In fact, there are lots of unique ways to fill them with smart storage and decor options (like the five we get into below).

It’s common to think that storing things on walls can create a cluttered feel. But don’t worry, it won’t if it’s done expertly. Make use of that blank space to create less chaos in the rest of your home office area and add some structure to the way your office essentials are organized. This project may even lead to a serious style upgrade, one that will actually make things appear bigger and add new life to your room without blowing your budget.

Ways to Make Wall Space Work for You 

1. Floating Shelves 

Big, open bookshelves can take up floor space and even block passageways, but “floating” shelves are both design-savvy and fit truly anywhere. You can find them in various widths and materials to fit your room’s style. Use them to house your office accessories and/or show off random decor pieces, plants and more. Hang them above your desk or either side of your desk in whatever configuration your imagination can devise.   

2. Storage Baskets 

Already have shelves in place, but just not quite sure how to maximize them for savvy storage? One simple way to get the most out of existing built-ins is by adding small storage baskets that you can place right on the shelf. Baskets are great for hiding those home office items that you can’t seem to find a home for, so you can keep those items nearby but your small space clutter-free. The best part is that they come in a wide range of colors, textures, sizes and shapes, so you can pick the perfect combination (or a group of the same kind) to match your office decor theme.   

3. Pegboard Organizers 

In many ways, you can’t make your wall space more versatile than this: Consider adding a pegboard to your wall. Go way beyond just pinning up papers and pictures; some pegboards have grooves to attach bins and shelves, doubling as a sleek, contemporary, affordable decor piece. You can find them in large sizes that easily adhere to any wall in a snap and instantly level up your organizational game.  

4. Furniture with Shelving 

For home offices that have a bit more floor space, you can opt for more than just the traditional bookcase. Standing shelves, bookcases, filing bins and ladder bookcases can be easily positioned against the walls, taking up only minimal floor space — all while offering additional storage, shelving and overall organization to any home office. There are even some that are designed for corners of your office to give you even more organizational real estate without hindering foot traffic. 

On the other hand, if you still need a standing bookshelf, go for it! Explore these interior design-approved ways to style those new bookshelves and personalize your space even more.   

5. Cork Board or Dry Erase Board 

Need an alternative to a focal wall that’s actually functional — yet still fabulous? Instead of using your office’s wall space for photos, frames and other decor pieces (which, while cute, provide little function), hang up a large cork board or dry erase board. Or better yet: Build an entire wall of it!  

If you are someone who particularly appreciates and works best by visualizing, these boards are a great way to pin ideas and thoughts. Not only will this innovative home office wall tip still create a focal point in the room, but now you have a dedicated space for creativity, brainstorming, vision-boarding, note-taking and general productivity. The best part: it’s on the wall and out of the way! 

Acima Leasing: Maximize Your  Space and Your Budget 

As you can see, there are several savvy ways to make use of the walls of your home office to help maximize small spaces, stay organized and increase your work-from-home productivity even more. Here’s another pro tip to help you make it all happen while staying on budget: Shop using Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solutions*. You can shop from over 15,000 retailers with Acima Leasing and you’ll find that there is a manageable lease renewal payment option*that you can take advantage of – without using credit*. When you lease furniture from Acima Leasing, you can choose your own path to ownership by making the number of lease renewal payments required by your lease or by exercising on early purchase option. If you also end up deciding that you don’t need your item, you can simply return it in good condition without further obligation. Here at Acima Leasing we are here to remove the hassle from getting the things you need and love when you need them. 

The transition to a work-from-home lifestyle gives you the opportunity to really dress up your personal office space in a way that makes you feel good. So in addition to the ideas listed above, check out our other home office organization tips to keep your space professional and decluttered. After all, creating a space that helps you be more focused and Zen will bring out your productive best! Still have questions about how Acima Leasing can help? Learn more here or on our FAQ page