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Dual-Purpose Furniture for the Savvy Budgeter

Jan 07, 2023

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Decorating a new space — getting your creative juices flowing, putting your own style stamp on a room — can be so much fun! The not-so-fun part: It can also be pricey, even if you’re working with a small space. What’s more, you’ll likely have more ideas for adding furniture and decor than you might actually have room for.  

The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on style or function, even though your items need to be as compact as possible. You just need to get even more creative and consider small-space solutions that offer both personality and multifunctionality. Dual-purpose and transformative furniture such as the ones we recommend below can leave space in your home as well as your budget! 

Extending Tables 

If you need a workspace or a hosting space, but you don’t have the room or budget for separate tables, consider looking for round or rectangular extending tables. As the name suggests, these tables can extend typically with leaves that collapse or slide into the table to make it smaller.  

It’s also beneficial for your budget! Instead of buying a separate desk and dining table, you can use this table as a small desk space during the day and extend it for dinner with family at night. 

Bed Storage 

Instead of cramming a dresser into your already cramped room and budget, look for a bed frame that includes storage drawers built into the frame of the bed. Beds can also be paired with a headboard with included storage. In addition, consider underbed storage bins to store what would normally go in a drawer, as well as keeping off-season clothing out of the way.  

Murphy Wall Beds 

A Murphy bed is a classic multipurpose piece of furniture that has, for decades, been incorporated into tiny spaces. But, you’d be amazed at today’s more modern styles! This is one of the most popular pieces of furniture to help save space, because you can store it inside a wall or “closet” when not in use and utilize that space during the day. Some of today’s Murphy beds even include a foldout table, desk or seating. So depending on the layout of your space, the Murphy bed can allow you to have a place to work or lounge during the day and sleep at night. 

Multipurpose Seating 

Multipurpose seating can be a lifesaver for those who like to host get-togethers or need extra storage but live in a small space. Sleeper sofas allow for a couch to quickly turn into a bed for guests. Some come in foldable styles where the bed tucks into the couch itself, and others come with parts that are able to be moved into a sleeping space. There are also couches and sectionals that provide storage space, allowing you to forgo separate space-stealing alternatives.  

 Floor Lamp Side Tables 

Having targeted lighting — like a floor lamp — in a space can be beneficial, but some may not have the space or want to spend the money. If you’re looking for a combination piece, there are many side tables that provide an attached lamp, saving the money and space of having to get both separate pieces of furniture. 


An armoire is one of those furniture pieces that can be utilized in many different ways and repurposed in a variety of settings. If you think they’re just for storing clothes or bedding, think again: Armoires can be used as pantries in a kitchen, television consoles in a living room, or even storage for cleaning supplies in a bathroom or hallway.  

There are a variety of available armoire styles with shelving/drawer options that can provide great storage, depending on your needs. Getting one can be a good investment, especially if you decide to switch its purpose later on because you won’t have to spend more money on a separate item. 

Ottoman Storage 

Ottomans can be a great, stylish — and more importantly, subtle — storage option. You’ll have a place to set your feet or place a drink atop, while you also use it to hide away small living room items without looking like a traditional “storage” shelf or bin. An ottoman can also double as a side table or television console where you can stash remotes, controllers, books, games and more. 

Rising Coffee Tables 

For those who like to watch TV during dinner or don’t have room for a dedicated dining room set, a rising (or lift-top) coffee table can give you the best of both worlds. As the name suggests, this coffee table’s unique design lets you lift the top of the table up and forward, giving it the height and closeness of a regular dining table or desk. It’s perfect for tiny spaces because it combines the compactness needed for a living room, but then it can transform to create a place to work or enjoy dinner with friends or family — all from the comfort of your couch.  

The Perfect Fit for Small Budgets

These and many other flexible furniture pieces go a long way in transforming small spaces into a living area you’ll love. Likewise, Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solutions can provide the same type of flexibility you need to shop for the items you want without using credit*. The way it works is you can get what you are looking for today and choose your path to ownership. You can decide to make all the lease renewal payments as defined by your lease or choose to purchase the property early at a discount. During your lease, if your items are still in good condition but not fitting your space, you can return them without further obligation. Browse Acima Leasing in your favorite stores using our retailer locator. Acima Leasing wants to make sure you have the shopping flexibility you need for great dual-purpose furniture in your home! Be sure to check out Acima Leasing’s FAQs for more information and to see if Acima Leasing is right for you.