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Elevate Your Jewelry Business with Lease-To-Own Solutions

Jan 18, 2024

A potential customer looking at jewelry at a jewelry business.

Today’s jewelry retailers know to treat their customers as precious as the jewelry that they sell. And although most jewelry is sought after for its timelessness, conversely, the shopping preferences and consumer landscape has changed over the last few years — prompting retailers to adapt to keep their businesses growing in this niche market.    

In this article, we will explore the unique and exciting advantages of lease-to-own solutions in the jewelry retail sector. By understanding how these solutions can add substantial value to both your customers and your business growth, we aim to illuminate a path toward not just increased sales but the cultivation of enduring customer connections.  

The Advantages for Jewelers 

Reach a Wider Audience  

Imagine a customer who wants to shop for a special necklace, bracelet, pendant or other jewelry piece, but is held back by immediate shopping worries. With a lease-to-own solution, this customer could confidently step into your store, knowing that getting the jewelry they want is actually possible. The prospect of flexible payment options provides new opportunities for this and any individual who may have hesitated to shop for jewelry (at your store or any other) due to their current payment option constraints.  

Embracing lease-to-own solutions is similar to unlocking a treasure trove of potential customers. The ability to cater to various shopping needs not only opens doors but also dismantles barriers, ensuring that a wider audience can participate in the joy of acquiring a piece of timeless beauty.  

Boost Sales  

Expanding options for your customers goes far beyond increasing foot traffic and online visits; it ignites a digital spark that can translate into a significant uptick in sales. Lease-to-own solutions can help enable customers to say “yes” to higher-value jewelry without the pain point of a large upfront payment. Consider the added benefit of a reduction in cart abandonment rates not just as a statistical triumph but as a testament to the trust customers place in your brand.   

It also goes beyond a mere transaction. It’s about understanding the emotional journey customers undertake when making significant purchases — especially jewelry. The psychological impact of being able to obtain a cherished item without immediate money-related pressure is as priceless as the jewelry piece itself.   

Cultivating Customer Loyalty  

In the world of jewelry retail, cultivating lasting connections is as precious as the items in your displays. Providing flexible payment options can strengthen the bonds that customers forge with your brand. By removing the shopping barriers associated with traditional purchases, you create an environment where customers feel valued and understood.   

Picture a customer who, having shopped for a piece of jewelry for themselves using your lease-to-own solution, returns to your store in the future to shop again. Lease-to-own solutions pave the way for enduring relationships, ensuring customers come back not just for the next special occasion but for all their future jewelry needs. It’s a strategic investment in the longevity of your customer base.  

Gain Competitive Edge  

In a market where every jewelry piece seems to sparkle with competition, standing out is essential. Integrating lease-to-own solutions into your payment options is a strategic move that signals your commitment to understanding and addressing customers’ shopping realities. The inclusion of lease-to-own solutions could also be the decisive factor that tilts the sale scales in your favor.  

Imagine a customer contemplating where to shop, torn between two jewelers offering similar products. One provides the traditional payment options, while the other introduces the flexibility of lease-to-own. The latter, by embracing the evolving needs of customers, not only secures the sale but also establishes a reputation for adaptability and customer-centricity. In a market saturated with choices, this can be the differentiator that sets your jewelry business apart, making it a brand that understands and caters to more customers and their unique shopping journeys.  

How Acima Leasing Can Help 

Our lease-to-own solutions are about flexibility and accessibility — providing customers with shopping power that may have been out of reach before. We’re also dedicated to providing the tools and services needed to offer Acima Leasing in your stores or on your website for a seamless business and marketing experience.  

Visit our website today to learn more about how you and your customers can get started. At Acima Leasing, we understand the significance of creating a brilliant shopping experience that benefits both you and your customers.