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Entryway Ideas That Make a Beautiful First Impression

Aug 23, 2021

An entryway bench with pillows

If there is any truth to the adage, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression,” when it comes to your home, you’ll find it out the moment someone steps through your front door. Your entryway is the first impression your home makes on any visitor and sets the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. No pressure, right?  

 However, there is so much more that goes on in that space than just greeting visitors, hanging their coats and bags and inviting them in. It also serves as a functional space for everyday life, where kids leave their backpacks after coming home from school, where you lay down your keys, or where everyone takes off their shoes and settles in.

 Who knew such a relatively small space had so much to handle? Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly ways to convert your entryway into a space that will not only serve your family’s everyday needs, but also leave a welcoming, lasting impression for all who visit. We found some great ideas and furniture pieces that can help you do both.

Take a Seat

Providing a place for your guests or family members to easily sit down to take off or put on their shoes, cleats, snow boots and/or galoshes is an essential for an entryway. While some houses have the space for a dedicated mud room, this is the area used in most homes for this type of activity.

However, a seat doesn’t have to be “just” a seat. Get creative with this piece! Select a bench, chair, stool or a combination that showcases your unique style. Better yet, find a fun bench that has an extra storage compartment underneath the seat to hide the family’s clutter. Otherwise, add shelving, storage accessories under the seat or decorative hooks on the nearby wall to keep everything tidy.

Make a Statement on the Floor …

Statement rugs are an interesting way to guide the eyes into the house. When choosing a rug, it’s important to think about how it can tie all the elements of the entryway together. That can be done by color that can either brighten up a room (like a bright blue) or warm up darker elements (like rust or sage).

Rugs are also a good investment for high-traffic areas to protect your floors. To get the most for your money, make sure the rug you get can take on your family’s needs and, if possible, is easy to clean. And while many rugs tend to be pricey, you’ll be able to find lots of budget-friendly options in the colors, styles and patterns you’re looking for (especially when you use our lease-to-own options*).

… And with Your Wall Decor

Hanging your favorite piece of artwork or photos in the entryway is a great way to introduce guests to your (or your home’s) personality. Whether it be bold, fun, sentimental, relaxing, whatever you want … just make it uniquely your own! The amount of wall space you have in this area will help determine what you can do here, but you still have options when selecting artwork no matter what.

Your foyer is actually an ideal place to highlight a huge, favorite piece of art for maximum impact right when your guests walk in the door. Conversely, a gallery wall can create a modern style, or even a smaller piece of artwork can be used to create a warm welcome. Personal photos are also a way to go — choose some of your favorite family or vacation photos, print them in black and white, frame them and create a wall collage.

Another way to brighten up the area is by hanging a wall or full-length mirror. Not only will a mirror help you make sure you look your best before you greet your guests, but it will also create the illusion of making narrow spaces seem larger and brighter.

Create a Stunning Statement with Wallpaper

Whether it’s in addition to or in place of other wall decor, wallpaper is another easy, budget-friendly way to add graphic appeal to the space. This is also a great solution if you’re dying to incorporate a favorite wallpaper pattern into your home without maxing out your budget.

Whatever you choose should create a style statement that plays off other elements in your home. And wallpaper does not just have to be for the walls; adding it to the ceiling is an unexpected choice that helps draw the eye upward to any bold light fixtures you may have already in your entryway.

If wallpaper just isn’t your thing at all, then explore what wall color you could paint to create a showstopping effect.

Add a Console Table

A console table in the entryway can serve more purpose than just a place to put your keys. It can be a great conversation starter! It’s a great location to display books, pictures and any other knick knacks that showcase your individuality. Add a decorative lamp too, for convenient entryway lighting.

Other than space, there are really no limits to the type of table you place here. Anything from a traditional console or accent table to a curio or dresser drawer for extra storage will work. If your entryway has neutral tones on the floor and wall, add a vibrantly colored table to offset them and add a pop of fun. Even if you’re working with a small area, one or two smaller tables can still accomplish the task and prove that less can be more3.  

Acima Opens the Door to Affordability

Who said home interior design must come with a budget-fearing price tag? The beauty of using Acima to bring your beautiful entryway to life: You can afford to make that first impression with name-brand furniture pieces, rugs and other items without dipping into credit or paying cash upfront. Instead, use Acima’s lease-to-own, no credit option to get all the things on your list, without the hassle of interest, late fees and a hit to your wallet.

And if you’re trying to decide where to start shopping for these entryway accoutrements, start here! You’ll be able to take advantage of Acima’s flexible payment options at thousands of local and national retailers nationwide — including, we bet, some of your favorite furniture and accessory stores. Bring your beautiful new entryway to life now and pay later … what a welcoming way to shop.


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