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Five Affordable Home Furnishing Ideas to Welcome Winter

Nov 18, 2022

A comfortable living room for winter

Depending on your lifestyle, it might be difficult to pay attention to the details when it comes to choosing furniture. Many of us are very busy! Whether you’re settling into a new space or spending more time indoors during the colder months, furnishing your home shouldn’t be a challenge. Key furniture pieces like side tables, new chairs or dining tables can go a long way toward creating a welcoming space. In this article, we’ll outline five of our favorite affordable winter home furnishing ideas. Soon enough, you’ll be snuggled warmly in your own winter palace! 

End Tables 

End tables can do a lot to bring a room together, and they also  provide another convenient flat surface and more storage space for your items. Endtables are also great for winter decorating because the extra surface space presents the opportunity to place lamps to light up the room during the darker months of the year. End tables can also help divide a smaller space and section off different areas. In general, creating smaller spaces and more “nooks” is a great way to cozy up any room. Be sure to look for end tables that fit your room, in size and shape as well as style-wise. 

Side Tables 

You might be wondering what the difference is between an end table and a side table. You’re not alone! End tables tend to have a smaller surface area than side tables. In addition, side tables tend to be more functional than end tables. Think of a table with a lamp, beside a comfy chair, where you can place your coffee and your book. That’s a side table.  

When it comes to winter decorating, side tables can play a major role! As we mentioned, a side table makes a great reading-chair companion for staying up late while reading mystery novels and drinking hot cocoa. As far as the design style of the table to consider, winter is the time for warmer materials like wood, ceramic or copper.   

Living Room Chairs 

This won’t come as a surprise, but adding chairs to a room is a great way to create a welcoming and cozy environment! Finding the best size chair that matches your interior design style can go a long way toward developing and finishing up your home.  

When it comes to chair selection for winter, it’s all about materials and comfort. Also, providing two or three single armchairs as a seating option can give a sense of warmth and space to a smaller living room, especially one where a couch may not fit well. Take care, though: Don’t let a single piece of furniture dominate your space. A chair doesn’t have to be HUGE to be comfortable!  

Coffee Tables 

While they might not necessarily be considered an essential piece of furniture, coffee tables can provide a lot of warmth to a room. The right coffee table can be a functional piece, including as a place to prop your feet up on movie night or by providing a great drink surface for the occasional winter social gathering.  

To increase the sense of coziness, add a stack of books and either a vase of flowers or clay statuette on top as added decoration. A coffee table runner – which is a decorative fabric piece that runs the length of the table – can also add a sense of warmth. If you’re working with a smaller room, you’ll want to keep in mind the edges and size of the table. 

Dining Room Sets 

We don’t often associate dining rooms with coziness, but the dining room is a space with a lot of versatility. As the weather grows colder and you’re starting to spend more time inside, you might find yourself creating opportunities to invite friends and family over for some much-needed socializing. Whether it’s used as a space for fun and games, as a makeshift office space, or for family gatherings and dinner parties, the dining room can — and should — be a welcoming setting.  

To create a great winter dining room environment, look for tables made of wood, and chairs or benches with cushions. Consider adding a warm centerpiece, such as greenery plucked from trees in the yard or flowers placed in a vintage vase. 

Acima Leasing Helps You Bring It All Together 

We hope this article has given you some useful ideas on how to cozy up your space for winter! Remember, when chosen and placed with care, each of these pieces can add the perfect, crucial element to a space that creates vibrancy and warmth.

If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to your home before the cold weather fully sets in, Acima Leasing can help! Acima’s lease-to-own solution* can unlock your shopping power, making it possible for you to bring home the furniture pieces you need today — without using credit*. As you are planning on where to shop for furniture, consider the flexible lease renewal payment* schedule that comes with Acima Leasing. You also work toward ownership during your lease; and by making all the lease renewal payments as scheduled, or opting to purchase the property early at a discount, ownership is transferred to you. Additionally, if you shop using Acima Leasing and decide that what you chose doesn’t quite fit, you have the option to terminate the lease at any time by following our instructions, as long as the item is in good condition, and you are current on your lease renewal payments. Learn more how Acima Leasing works, and see if our lease-to-own option is right for you.

If you are interested in reading more about Acima Leasing check out this page or our FAQ page.