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Power Up Your Sales: How Acima Leasing Fuels Growth for Appliance Retailers

Apr 23, 2024

A couple chats excitedly in their kitchen, thrilled with their new refrigerator purchase.

These are difficult days for retailers, as consumer preferences and needs fluctuate just as much as the current economic climate itself. Retailers are in constant pursuit of strategies that not only drive sales but also foster long-term growth. Particularly appliance retailers, where consumer shopping for larger items is sometimes dependent on the available payment options and their current life circumstances. 

To those retailers, we have great news: There is a way forward. Let’s look at the lease-to-own solution provided by Acima Leasing that is made to help the retailer approach to sales dynamics. This offers a unique opportunity to help increase revenue streams while simultaneously addressing the evolving needs of your customer base. Let’s look at how integrating Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solution into the retail business model can help impact and enhance retail sales strategies. 

Improving Point-of-Sale Transactions 

Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solution does more than just facilitate transactions; it redefines the entire shopping experience. By offering multiple payment methods and ownership options, retailers can meet the needs of a broader range of customers with varying shopping preferences. This versatility not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of completing a sale. Customers who faced payment option barriers before now have a viable and accessible path to getting the products they want and need. 

Additionally, the inclusion of a lease-to-own solution can streamline the selling process, reducing friction points and expediting transactions. This seamless experience leaves a lasting impression on customers, fostering positive perceptions of the retailer and increasing the likelihood of repeat business. By prioritizing convenience and accessibility, retailers can elevate the overall customer experience and differentiate themselves in a competitive market landscape. 

Building a Gateway for Inclusion 

Beyond convenience, Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solution serves as a gateway to inclusion for customers who may not qualify for financing. In today’s economy, where a sizable portion of U.S. consumers fall into the non-prime category, needing access to payment options outside of financing can be a significant barrier while shopping for essential items such as appliances. A lease-to-own solution provides these consumers with a viable alternative, empowering them to shop without using credit. * 

Consider the impact on businesses like Scratch and Dent Appliances of Fremont, who recognized the importance of catering to customers with diverse shopping needs. By working with Acima Leasing and incorporating a lease-to-own solution into their sales strategy, they not only increased sales by 14% but also positioned themselves as advocates for product accessibility and shopping option inclusion within their community. This alignment with consumer needs fosters trust and loyalty in a business, laying the foundation for long-term growth and success. 

Molding Retail Strategy for Long-Term Growth 

Integrating a lease-to-own solution that offers flexible lease renewal payment options into retail strategies goes beyond short-term sales uplift — it lays the groundwork for market adaptability, sustainable growth and customer relationships overall. By offering solutions that accommodate varying shopping preferences, retailers can demonstrate their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customer base. As today’s retailers are quickly realizing, this type of customer-centric approach is key to encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals (believed by most retailers to be the most effective advertising of all). 

Moreover, the data companies can gather from lease-to-own transactions provides valuable insights into their customers’ shopping behaviors, needs and preferences — enabling retailers to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. Leveraging this data-driven approach can help optimize operations, enhance customer engagement and drive long-term profitability.  

Look at it this way: Offering multiple and flexible payment options (through lease-to-own) isn’t only about closing a sale — it’s about cultivating relationships that endure beyond the initial transaction. 

Maximizing Efficiency and Accessibility 

Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solution is made to be simple and efficient for both the customer and the retailer — making it an attractive addition to any retailer’s business tool kit. This efficiency connects to an expansive network of shoppers, further multiplying their business’s reach and reinforcing the narrative of an inclusive marketplace. 

With Acima Leasing, they can streamline the purchasing process for both their customers and their business. By leveraging our expertise in lease-to-own, they can reduce the administrative burdens associated with payment options while expanding their customer base to include those who may have previously been underserved or could not have otherwise shopped for the appliances they offered. 

Sounds like something you want your customers to know about, right? That’s why Acima Leasing is with retailers every step of the way, from getting lease-to-own set-up in their stores or on their website to providing marketing materials to help educate customers on the benefits of lease-to-own.   

Empower Your Business and Customers with Lease-to-Own 

By prioritizing product accessibility, convenience and payment option inclusion, retailers can effectively empower their customers to shop confidently. This ensures that every customer leaves with not only a product but with a sense of shopping power. However, integrating Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solution into your sales strategy is a step that goes beyond mere transactional improvements. By staying ahead of the curve and offering these inclusive payment options:  

  • You make a strategic investment in the future success and sustainability of your business.  

  • You position your retail business at the forefront of the retail landscape and distinguish yourself from competitors.  

  • You demonstrate a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of your customers in an ever-changing marketplace.  

Let’s show you how Acima Leasing can be the solution you need to help your retail business thrive! Visit our website, apply today and give your sales the boost you’ve been searching for.