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How to Arrange Patio Furniture in Any Space

Apr 08, 2022

Warmer weather is coming — and if you listen closely, you can hear your outdoor porch, patio or balcony calling you to sit outside and enjoy it. But, is your patio furniture really set up for the new spring season, or do you need help getting your outdoor area relaxation-ready?  

Whether your front porch needs a little love, or you want a back patio that’s perfect for summer grill-outs and lounging, the key to giving yourself, your family and your friends a comfortable, inviting area to enjoy is to arrange your outdoor furniture the right way. . Depending on the area you have to work with, though, this may seem easier said than done. Relax, we got you! Check out these ideas on how to best arrange the furniture pieces you have (or plan to get) in various outdoor layouts. 

Sofa and Two Chairs

The classic combination of a comfortable porch sofa and two chairs on either side is perfect for any outdoor setting. Just as in many interior living room set-ups, this simple layout gives your space symmetry, makes it feel cozy and intimate, and still offers seating for up to five people. Add in a coffee table, ottoman or fire pit for the perfect centerpiece to complete the set. 

An L-Shaped Sofa

An L-shaped sofa is a popular style because it creates a corner, which helps any space feel cozier. It’s also a great piece when you want a space that allows people to move about without necessarily feeling closed in by seating on all sides. Just make sure you have the room on your porch or patio to accommodate the sofa and still have room to get by it. If possible, position it so that it opens up to your patio space for a more inviting ambience versus making your guests walk behind and around it to see your faces.

If you’re looking for an outdoor coffee table to go with an L-shaped sofa, opt for a rectangular-shaped table and place it in the middle. That way no matter where someone sits, they have access to a place they can kick their feet up or put down their drinks. 

Four Chairs in a Circle

Don’t know what to do when space is a little more limited, yet you still need seating for four? Instead of a large sofa that can take up a sizable portion of your patio or porch, four chairs angled inward is a great alternative when you want to have friends over to enjoy good conversation while you enjoy the outdoors. Either a table in the middle or smaller side tables between the chairs would round out this setting nicely. If your budget and space allow, don’t limit yourself; have two to four extra chairs on hand for any additional seating for guests.  

Dining Table 

A dining table and set of chairs aren’t just meant for an interior dining room. Besides, when the weather is beautiful, who wants to be stuck inside? Enjoying a meal or cup of coffee “al fresco” on your porch or patio is one of the best reasons to have an outdoor space — it’s like taking a tiny staycation, if only for a few minutes in your day. 

Having an outdoor dining set is both practical for mealtime and playing games, and it offers plenty of seating for family and guests. When you shop, you’ll discover a variety of configurations — from a round or square table with four chairs to long, rectangular tables for larger families and spaces. Some tables even accommodate a patio umbrella that provides extra shade.  

Two Sofas and Two Chairs

Whether you’re indoors or out, there’s usually a fight for dibs on the incredibly comfy couch when it comes to stretching out and relaxing. So why not just add another one? If you have a large outdoor space with room for even more seating, consider two sofas paired with some cute throw pillows opposite from each other, then add a chair on either side. This layout with seating on all sides can host a larger group of people (as many as 10) and still set an intimate tone for your gathering. 

Two Sofas

If adding both sofas and chairs crowds your particular space — or if your patio is primarily horizontal and too narrow to add them all — simply going with two sofas opposite each other is another option. Then, instead of the chairs, add small side tables on the end of each of your sofas so people will still have a place to set things down and be hands-free. This layout still provides plenty of seating while offering great traffic flow, with little obstruction to move about from side to side.

Two Chairs and a Side Table

If you’re in a small home or apartment, you may be really limited to a very small outdoor space, narrow porch or balcony. Or, maybe you just aren’t much of an entertainer and prefer having just enough space for you and another person to enjoy time outside together. In that case, opt for two chairs and place a side table between them where you can set your book, a drink or a plate.  Make Your Own Mix

You may have just read through all these options, but none of them spoke to you or described your personal outdoor scenario. Good news … that’s totally OK. When you just keep a few basic rules in mind, you can make whatever combination of sofas, chairs, chaises or tables that you may have on hand work for you. Bottom line: Just have fun with it!

The key is to balance form and function. You want to make sure there is plenty of room for people to both sit and freely move about without bumping into anything. At the same time, you’ll want your furniture and accessories to be neatly arranged. At the very least, take a cue from your living room furniture arrangement and emulate that. If you are able to pull off these two things, then it ultimately doesn’t really matter how it’s all laid out. 

Acima Makes Outdoor Furnishing Affordable

The possibilities of a sweet warm-weather escape in the comfort of your home’s front porch or back patio are endless! At least now you have a few ideas on how to decorate your patio based on the size of your space, how many people you typically entertain, and what layout is most optimal for your needs. Add an outdoor rug, some potted plants, string lights, tiki torches and other fun accessories, and pretty soon you will never want to go back into the house. 

No matter what layout is the smartest for your space, it’s also smart to take into account how much money you want to use on any furniture you have yet to go shopping for; as with interior furniture, exterior patio furniture can be expensive. But you deserve to enjoy all parts of your home —  at Acima, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the pieces you love  on terms that work for you without using credit or needing a lot of upfront cash.

Our lease-purchase agreements* allow you to shop at thousands of Acima retailers and make smaller, more manageable lease renewal payments. You can get the items you need as early as today. Shop now and enjoy your outdoor space this season!