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How to Choose the Right Eyewear For Your Personality

Jul 12, 2022

A young family in an eyewear store chooses eyewear that works for each of their unique faces.

It’s a fundamental drive among humans to express our personalities — our “me-ness.” We do this for a lot of reasons: to get love, to draw attention, to be creative, to separate ourselves, even to find ourselves. There are, of course, a lot of ways to express your personality. You can do it through your hairstyle, your mannerisms, your demeanor, the car you drive or the clothes you wear. But there aren’t many things in life that are more expressive of who we are than our faces! That’s why, if you wear glasses, finding the right pair can be fundamental to showing the world who you are.

If you’re like many people, you may not have thought enough about your eyewear and how it helps you present yourself. Though glasses may seem like simply a way to help you see, in some cases eyewear can also become an integral part of your identity — think of Buddy Holly’s thick black horn-rimmed glasses or John Lennon’s round, tinted wire-rimmed glasses.

If you’re thinking of shopping for new specs, this article is for you. Before you shop, it’s important to consider how the type of glasses, the frame shape, the style and color can play a role in expressing who you are. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul — and you’ll want those windows looking “spec-tacular.”

Who Are You?

A good way to start thinking about what kind of glasses are right for you is to first think about who you are! And a nifty way to do that is through a concept largely developed by the psychologist Carl Jung: archetypes. In brief, an archetype is an iconic model that represents a larger and more diverse group. So, let’s start by picking which archetype you want to present yourself as, and then narrow down your choice of glasses frames to those that represent that archetype.

The Financier

Perhaps you want to show yourself to be someone who is sturdy, responsible and financially savvy — someone who’s trusted, confident and admired by business clients and colleagues alike. In this case, you’ll want to gravitate toward classic shapes like ovals, rectangles and almonds, tending toward neutral tones. Titanium or stainless-steel frames are another good choice for this archetype.

The Romantic

The Romantic has the ability to light up any room they step into. They can make everyone around them feel valued and loved. The hopeless Romantic is whimsical and maybe even a little quirky (in the best way), and their personality is based more in emotion than in cognition. If you see yourself as a Romantic, consider horned rims or colored frames. Or, why not be a bit more literal and go with colored lenses?

The Flirt

If you like to catch people’s attention and draw people to you, you might be a Flirt. In this case, you should definitely consider a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. These classic frames are the perfect mixture of classic, fun and attention-grabbing, and they give off a certain elevated vintage vibe.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is open-minded, confident and reliable. Often, the Adventurer will also sport a classic or ultra-chic look. As far as everyday spectacles go, sturdy is the word for this archetype — think bold, plastic frames. And for sunglasses? The Adventurer was born to sport aviators.

The Artist

Artists are fully themselves, and they aren’t afraid to be a little quirky or take chances. When it comes to a pair of glasses or sunglasses, this can mean shopping for anything eccentric, from bejeweled cat-eye glasses to multi-colored plastic frames. Round edges also tend to provide a more nontraditional vibe, as opposed to sharp edges.

The Ray of Sunshine

Are you known for your joyful demeanor? Do people turn to you for positive vibes or helpful advice? Then you’re definitely a Ray of Sunshine! As far as eyewear goes, bright colors, cheerful patterns and fun designs encapsulate this buoyant spirit.

Mr./Ms. Trustworthy

If you’re known for your reliability and confidence, then let your eye frames say so! Nothing is bolder than a solid, thick-framed pair of glasses. These classic frames are eye-catching and unapologetic.

The Takeaway

Of course, there’s no right or wrong style, color or shape of glasses, and everyone is different. The archetypes and glasses pairings above are simply a helpful tool to help you think about what your next pair of glasses could look like, and it’s not to be taken too literally! The most important thing is to have fun with it. Try on as many styles as you want, and see what you feel most confident in. Eyewear is similar to any other accessory, in that your style may be constantly evolving and changing, and it’s important to re-evaluate every once in a while.

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